Multiple-Time Summer Skirmish Champion ‘Vivid’ Joins Team Liquid’s Pro Fortnite Team

Top competitive Fortnite prospect Noah ‘Vivid’ Wright has joined Team Liquid’s pro Fortnite roster.

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The news was announced live on Vivid’s Twitch stream on August 29, as well as a on Team Liquid’s official Twitter page.

The announcement also included a montage full of highlights of Vivid’s Fortnite gameplay from various competitions and pro scrimmages.

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There are reports that Vivid will be immediately put into in the main team, taking the place of current Liquid pro ‘Strafesh0t,’ who will apparently be moved to the reserve team. 

However, these reports have not been confirmed and no formal announcement about roster management has been made by Team Liquid as of yet.

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Formerly known as ‘NotVivid,’ Vivid has taken the competitive Fortnite community by storm in recent weeks thanks to his performances in the ongoing $8 million Summer Skirmish tournament series.

After being invited to participate in the series due to his top performances in previous Solo Showdown events, the player has taken full advantage of the opportunity, winning multiple events, close to $200K, and establishing himself as a household name among Fortnite fans and players.

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Considering his growing reputation as the top Fortnite prospect, there was growing speculation in the community that an org would inevitably sign him sooner rather than later.

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Many believed that he would be joining either Liquid or Team SoloMid, but it is clear now that it will be the former. 

Liquid even threw a hilarious jab at TSM and their Fortnite team in the announcement video for their failed effort in signing Vivid.

The entirety of Team Liquid’s announcement can be read down below:

Team Liquid is proud to announce the latest and greatest addition to our Fortnite team: the ‘Faker of Fortnite’, Noah “Vivid” Wright!

With 4 Summer Skirmish titles already studding his belt, Vivid is the most decorated player in Fortnite’s summer series so far. Whether it’s in Solos or Duos, Vivid has displayed a remarkable consistency at the top of Fortnite’s pro ladder, and he’s expected to continue racking up those wins. He’s even won a round with Poach, and we’re excited to see Vivid build a better understanding with the rest of the Liquid squad. We will be providing everything that Vivid needs to become even better at the battle royale, and he will be linking up with 72hrs and Co. to form arguably the best team in competitive Fortnite. 

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As the summer heat continues to rise, Fortnite’s Summer Skirmish heads into its 8th Week with an offline bash at PAX West in Seattle this weekend. $1.5 million dollars will be on the line, and Vivid will be there to meet up with his new teammates to take on this Solos event. 

In the meantime, you can watch Vivid grind Victory Royales on his stream as he practices for the weekend’s big tournament.\

What got you into Fortnite?

So originally I played Fortnite on the console, specifically on Xbox. My friends and I were looking for a new game to play and Fortnite came out so I played squads with them. I got up to about 100 wins on Xbox then my friend and I got a PC and started playing on that. I only played a couple times a week, and then in February (Season 3) one of my friends got me into playing every day. So I have pretty much been grinding the game every day for about 5 or 6 months.

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Has your family been supportive of your new career?

My dad has never really cared about how much video games I’ve played. I mean, he was always worried and been like: “Hey make sure all your school work is done, make sure you go to work and get some money”, because before Fortnite I wasn’t really making any money. As soon as I started making some money from Fortnite he was supportive of me pursuing it as a career and trying to make the most of it.

What were you doing before Fortnite?

Before Fortnite I was a college student. I went into college majoring in Biology and realized I didn’t really like it, so I ended up switching to Computer Science and I finished up one semester of that — and then summer break came along this summer. I would have been a junior this year if I was going back to college, but instead I’ll be pursuing Fortnite and streaming full time. Outside of that my summer job was a part time job in a machine shop working as a laborer.

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What do you think the future of competitive Fortnite will be like?

I don’t really know, because they’re basically doing a different format every week, which I really like. Epic is trying to figure out the best way to establish a competitive scene in a battle royale game. Obviously in other popular games like Counter-Strike and Call of Duty there are set game modes, but when you implement a battle royale it’s kind of new to the competitive scene so they’re trying to establish a very fair competitive scoring system and trying different things out. I have high hopes for the future of competitive Fortnite simply because Epic is putting a lot of time and effort into figuring that out.

How does it feel to be on Team Liquid? What drew you to the org, and how do you feel about playing with the guys?

I used to play League of Legends and back then they were called Team Curse, so I have been following Team Liquid for a very long time. I’ve always known that they are a good org, and I’ve never heard anything bad about the way they do things, so I considered them a really good option for myself. When it came to choosing my team I really wanted to be comfortable with the standing roster, and I watched Tom, Poach, and Chap a lot and I loved their personalities. When I got into calls with them on Discord it was so natural to have a conversation and when we got in games together the gameplay just flowed really well. That was a huge part, because there was a natural chemistry and we felt really comfortable together. Also, Steve is a very nice guy and it all came together and it felt like the right thing to do.