More Marvel skins leaked ahead of Fortnite Season 4

Captain America Fortnite skinEpic Games

A handful of Fortnite leakers have claimed that there are even more Marvel skins in the works for Season 4 – including Groot and Storm. 

With Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 drawing to a close, data miners managed to get their hands on some details about an end of season event. All signs pointed to Thor making an appearance to Season 4, however, the Asgardian is set to take the spotlight. 

After the leak pointed to Marvel’s inclusion in Season 4, Epic Games confirmed that the whole season would revolve around the comic book giants. 

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With a plethora of characters in their back pocket to be used as skins or even in-game enemies, the possibilities are pretty much endless for the battle royale devs. Though, it appears as if they’ve already decided on a few choices. 

Fortnite Season 4 teaserEpic Games / Marvel
Marvel will play a centrally role in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4.

According to reliable leaker HYPEX, Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy will be joining Thor and Wolverine once Season 4 gets underway as a part of the battle pass. 

Though, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to hop around looking like Groot from the popular movie franchise. Instead, according to YouTuber Tabor Hill, the Season 4 skins will take their comic book form rather than how they look in action movies. 

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On top of that, the YouTuber also noted that Storm from X-Men would be a new skin in Season 4. She would join Wolverine as the X-Men representatives in the new Fortnite season. 

As well as those two skins, some fans have suggested that Iron Man and Dr Doom could also play a role in the new season after Donald Mustard, Epic’s worldwide creative director, started dropping hints on his Twitter account. 

Whether or not that’ll happen very much remains to be seen, but, given there’s not all that long to go until Chapter 2, Season 4 gets underway, the wait shouldn’t be all that arduous.

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