Mobile Fortnite Player Has Mastered the Art of the Four Layer Ramp Rush

Albert Petrosyan

Although building is considered to be a very integral aspect of Fortnite, it’s not the easiest thing to do when it comes to the mobile version of the game.

However, one mobile player has managed to set himself apart by mastering building in rather impressive fashion.

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Known on Reddit as user ‘ttjjs,’ the player posted a clip on the FortniteBR demonstrating his strong ability by doing the Four Layer Ramp Rush.

The Four Layer Ramp Rush is a popular building technique used by players to rush at opponents while also protecting their own builds from being shot down.

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That level of building ability is quite outstanding, especially when considering that many players on console and PC cannot build at that level.

According to one user who commented on the post, the secret to building well in Fortnite is using the new dedicated buttons for each build piece.

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Perhaps the most impressive thing is that the player said that was not using a larger screen device like an iPad, but rather he was playing Fortnite on the iPhone 6s.

With few other players likely having this kind of ability on mobile, it would seem that this player should have his way with the lobby every time he queues into a match.