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LG’s ‘SypherPK’ Shows That Weapon Switching in Fortnite is Inconsistent

Published: 15/Aug/2018 18:44 Updated: 15/Aug/2018 18:48

by Albert Petrosyan


Despite Fortnite’s success as a popular battle royale title, there are some inconsistencies and issues that exist within the core mechanics of the game.

One of these inconsistencies has turned out to be with the weapon swapping, and how some weapons will not fire in the immediate moments after a player switches to them.

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Luminosity Gaming content creator ‘SypherPK’ decided to test out this issue while live-streaming the game on August 14.

While holding the firing button, he began switching back and forth between an Uncommon Suppressed SMG and a Common AR to see if one of the weapons will indeed stop shooting at one point.


“The first test is im going to hold down left click the entire time and I’m just going to swap between my SMG and AR. So, hold down left click… Oh, that’s so weird! How come it stopped shooting the SMG after like a few swaps? Then it stopped shooting the AR right there, look. I’m pressing down and it’s not shooting. It’s not consistent, you see? […]”

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As can be seen in the clip above, after a few times of switching between the two weapons, the SMG did at one point stop firing and Sypher had to press the shoot button again to get it to fire.

In a subsequent test, it was the AR that was not shooting, despite the fact that the button was being pressed and never let go. 

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Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of this issue is the fact that the amount of swaps that it takes before one of the weapons stops firing is also inconsistent.


This means that players can not adapt to the bug in the game because no one knows at which point their weapon will stop firing after being switched to.