LEGO Fortnite player shares genius way to mark cleared out caves

Daniel Appleford
LEGO Fortnite caves

One LEGO Fortnite player has found a great way to remember which caves have been cleared out using map markers.

Fortnite’s introduction of a survival-based open world was an instant success with fans. Especially those who were fans of LEGO and wanted to bring that building experience to life.

The game mode, introduced alongside Fortnite Festival and Rocket Racing, peaked at over 2 million players within the first week of its release. Just one million below the peak rating of regular battle royale.

However, the player count has been falling since, dropping to under 200,000 concert players daily, mostly due to the numerous unfixed bugs and the need for more content to be added. That said, players are still finding new ways to streamline their gaming experience in LEGO Fortnite, especially when exploring caves.

Map markers are great for caves, but there’s a catch

A Reddit user posted to the official LEGO Fortnite subreddit asking other players if they were the only ones that used map markers to identify caves that no longer had resources. However, the concept itself was not unique, according to commenters beneath the post.

One commenter pointed out that while map markers can be extremely useful, they also have their drawbacks, notably the limited amount you can use.

“I was marking every cave entrance I was running across: red for desert, blue for snow, green for grasslands, and breaking/rebuilding them grey once explored,” said one commenter. “Then came the dreaded ‘you have too many of this item.’ It’s really annoying. Even if respawning materials isn’t currently a thing, hamstringing my ability to exhaustively catalog caves on the map makes me just… not want to explore.”

One player replied to this sentiment: “It’s like I’m playing a watered-down legacy console Minecraft.”

Players are fleeing LEGO Fortnite in droves, frustrated by the restrictive measures slapped on villagers, buildings, and map markers. Hopefully, this lack of freedom will be adjusted in future updates, which players are begging for at this point.

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