KEEMSTAR’s ‘Friday Fortnite’ Tournament Receives Last Minute Rule Change Following Compelling Rant by Nadeshot

Albert Petrosyan

Popular YouTuber and host of ‘DramaAlert’ Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem has made a last minute rule change reversal for week three of his ‘Friday Fortnite’ celebrity tournament.

This comes after 100 Thieves owner Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, who is participating in the competition, tweeted out a video challenging KEEMSTAR’s initial decision to change the tournament’s rules in the first place.

The rule change in question was made to the tournament’s Losers Bracket, which had a best-of-two format for the competition’s first two weeks.

Just as with the Winner’s Bracket, teams competing in the Losers Bracket would play two games, tallying up their respective kill totals in both games to determine the winner, with a third match played in the case of a tie.

However, for week three, KEEMSTAR decided to change the Losers Bracket to a best-of-one, do-or-die format, with each round being determined by a single match.

Not a fan of this rule change, Nadeshot tweeted out a video to KEEMSTAR in which he lays out his argument for why the Losers Bracket should remain as it was.

In the video, he claims that one of the main purposes of ‘Friday Fortnite’ is to inspire the creation of quality Forntite content, and the rule change severely limits that, especially to the players who face elimination in the early rounds of the competition.

KEEMSTAR replied to this tweet with a video of his own, in which he basically agrees with Nadeshot’s argument and promises to do his best to reverse the rule change.

Surprisingly, he managed to get the rule change reversed just in time for it to be in effect for week three of ‘Friday Fortnite,’ announcing it on Twitter an hour before the tournament was set to kick off.

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