KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite Celebrity Tournament #4 Bracket, Rules, and Live-Streams – ft. Ninja, Roman Atwood, Nadeshot, and More!

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Popular YouTuber and ‘DramaAlert’ host, Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem, and online tournament organizer UMG have partnered up once again to host the fourth running of the ‘Friday Fortnite’ celebrity tournament.

The competition, which has turned into a fan-favorite event, will be returning for the fourth week in a row, and will once again feature a whopping $20,000 prize pool.

Once again, KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite tournament will feature some of the biggest names in the online gaming/content creation community.

Participating in the competition will be members from the Clout Gang, FaZe Clan, Team SoloMid, The Sidemen, OpTic Gaming, 100 Thieves, Luminosity Gaming, and a host of other big YouTubers and Twitch Streamers such as Ninja, Logan Paul, Ice_Poseidon, and more.

The previous week’s tournament was won by the FaZe pro Fortnite duo of ‘Cloakzy’ and ‘Tfue’, who made a stunning Losers Bracket run and ultimately defeated Ninja and ‘KingRichard’ in an exhilarating Grand Final. 

The payouts for week four of the ‘Friday Fortnite’ tournament will be the following:

1st Place – $10,000

2nd Place – $7,000

3rd place – $3,000

Here is the full bracket of the double elimination tournament, and it will automatically update as the competition progresses.

Start Time: June 1st (4pm EST, 1pm PST, 9pm BST, 7am AEDT)

Because there are no custom games or lobbies in Fortnite yet, the tournament is played on public servers using the following rules:


2v2 Matches

Streaming Rules:

UPDATED: You must have your delay set to 120 seconds on your OBS settings when you are streaming, failing to do so will result in a forfeit and or a replay of the match that was played.

Tournament Rules:

Winner’s Bracket – The hosting team will host a SQUAD game session. Then they will invite his teammate, and their opponents to the game session and then begin their match.

Loser’s Bracket – The hosting team will host a SQUAD BLITZ game session. Then they will invite his teammate, and their opponents to the game session and then begin their match.

How To Win:

For this tournament you will play two games. Each game you must keep track of your kills for each game played. The combined amount of kills for each game will determine which team will win the match. If out of the two games played the kills are tied a third map will be played to determine a winner for the match.


You will party up as a SQUAD or DUOS with your opponent based on the type of match (1v1, 2v2). Any player inside of that queued session MAY NOT destroy any bases made by their opponent, make them fall, or any other actions that may help lead to that person’s death.

Examples of sabotage include but are not limited to:

  • Breaking or weakening opponent’s built or non built structures or cover by any means.
  • Causing opponents to miss shots or miss opportunities for advancing their scores in any way shape or form.
  • Building in front of your opponent.
  • Boogie Bombing your opponent.
  • The use of a boogie bomb on your opponent at any point in the game are subject to disqualifications.

Match Issues:

For no-shows in this tournament if you fail to respond within a fair given time frame you may be forfeited from the tournament.

To report another team for a no show for the match you will need to contact the UMG Admin Demo or Mike so they can handle it accordingly.

All forfeits will be handled and made by the judgement of the UMG Admin Demo or Mike.

The Friday Fortnite #4 tournament will be live-streamed on the UMGEvents Twitch channel, as well as on the individual channels of many of the participants.

Streams of the competition will be added to this article once the start time of the competition draws near.

Watch live video from UMGEvents on

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