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How to weapon swap from pickax and builds in Fortnite without making a sound

Published: 8/Oct/2018 18:44

by Albert Petrosyan


A game mechanic has been found in Fortnite Battle Royale that allows players to silently swap from their pickaxes and builds to a weapon.

Audio is a huge strategic component in Fortnite, and swapping weapons not only alerts enemies of a player’s nearby presence, but the cocking noise also reveals what type of weapon they are carrying.


Reddit user ‘ImSpeedyGonzalez,’ who is known for his Fortnite instructional videos and tutorials, has found a way to counter this by making no noise when swapping to a weapon.

According to his video, a player can silently swap to a weapon from their pickax or builds by moving forward and spamming the aim button at the same time while switching to the weapon.


He demonstrates this by queuing into a match and picking up a Tac shotgun, which makes a distinct cocking noise when switched to. 

This new tutorial comes in addition to the one made by Reddit user ‘SCG_2018,’ which showed how to switch silently from one weapon to another.


For that process, a player must simply move forwards slowly, ADS with one weapon, and then switch to another while holding down the ADS.

It’s not clear whether this mechanic was added intentionally by Epic Games, or if it is merely a glitch soon to be patched.


Regardless, as long as it exists in the game, players will look to use it to their advantage, especially since proximity audio is a such a tactical part of Fortnite.