How to unlock all Slurp Blaster Guitar variants in Fortnite Festival

Daniel Appleford

The Fortnite Festival Season 4 Pass partners with Metallica for an Icon series like never before and gives players a free guitar skin at the end that comes with four variants. Here is how to unlock each variant of the Slurp Blaster Guitar in Fortnite. 

The Slurp Blaster Guitar is one of the first instruments for Fortnite Festival to get multiple variants all for free. But, to earn all four, it’s going to take a bit of grinding. Be prepared to Jam out all season long if you want those variants for yourself.

Remember that Fortnite Festival is in a different season than Battle Royale, and the duration of both is also different. Season 4 of Fortnite Festival begins June 13 and ends August 16.

Here is how to get the Slurp Blaster Guitar with all of its additional variants in Fortnite Festival.

How to earn Slurp Blaster Guitar variants in Fortnite

The Slurp Blaster Guitar is the final reward in the free tier of the battle pass and costs 11,000 Festival Points. 

Once the Festival Pass has been completed, players will have to earn additional Festival Points to get the remaining variants. Even if there are no more tiers to the pass, Fortnite Festival will continue to give out points for playing the mode and completing daily quests.

To get the Slurp Barrel version of the guitar, you will have to get 12,000 Festival Points, 1,000 more than what it takes to unlock it. 

The gold version of the Slurp Barrel Guitar is unlocked at 16,000 Festival Points, and the final Holographic version is unlocked at 20,000.

There are several other rewards that can be unlocked through the new pass featuring Metallica, including all four members as skins, Auras, and more. The new season also introduced Battle Stage mode, allowing players to jam out against others.