How to make a crazy flying explosive drone in Fortnite

Epic Games

This simple trick in Fortnite can allow players to make a bizarre explosive drone which can be deadly to enemy players.

Since the release of Fortnite in 2018, players have been coming up with new unique tricks that could give them the edge in a battle.

Some have pushed the popular battle royale title to its limits, to discover new glitches such as a building exploit that was recently patched by Epic Games.

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Epic Games
Fortnite players have found a bizarre trick with proximity mines which turns them into a flying drone.

One of the latest exploits was discovered by Reddit user u/SlushyGuy, who mixed two of the game’s most-deadly explosive items together in bizarre fashion to create a flying bomb.

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While there are currently no drones or controllable flying explosives in Fortnite, SlushyGuy revealed that you can still pose a threat at long range with just a proximity mine and C4 in hand.

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This bug seemingly combines the two items and causes them to glitch through the air, creating a flying drone that would be ready to detonate at any time. Here’s how you can try the strange trick out for yourself.

How to make a C4 and proximity mine drone in Fortnite

  1. Find C4 and proximity mine items in Fortnite.
  2. Build an upright wall in front of you.
  3. Place both of the explosives in the center panel of the wall, with the proximity mine slightly above the C4.
  4. Edit and remove the top two rows of the wall, this should cause the items to merge together.
  5. Destroy what is left of the wall with your pickaxe to set flight to the bizarre drone.
  6. Watch it fly through the skies before detonating it at will.

Unfortunately, this crazy drone can not be piloted to go where you want it to, as it seemingly has a mind of its own, making it quite situational compared to some of the previous exploits that have been in Fortnite.

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As a result, it can be quite difficult to damage your opponents during a game using this trick and could take some practice angling the drone’s flight path in custom matches before pulling it out mid-match.

While this explosive drone is a cool trick to try out, it was likely not intended by Epic Games and will possibly be targeted by the dev team in one of their upcoming patches.