How To Find the Next Hidden Battle Star in Fortnite Battle Royale For Completing Blockbuster Week 2 Challenges

Calum Patterson

Now in the second week of Fortnite Battle Royale season 4, it is time to grind out the new challenges – as well as look for yet another hidden battle star.

Of course, with a new season comes a whole new fresh rank system to grind your way through again, with tier 100 earning you the most epic of gear.

There isn’t necessarily a shortcut to reaching the top level, but focusing on the new set of challenges each week is certainly the fastest way.

And for season 4, there has been a brand new set of called the ‘blockbuster’ challenges, which fans have discovered reward you with a hidden battle star each week.

The new blockbuster set tasks you with completing all the challenges for the given week, so for week 2, make sure you get all the challenges done first.

Once completed, you will unlock the new loading screen, which very conveniently provide co-ordinates on them, guiding you to the location of the battle star.

The co-ordinates on the wall read A4, B4, A3, and B3.

Simply head to these co-ordinates, and the hidden battle star will await you – but only if you have completed all the challenges and unlocked the new loading screen.

Here is the location of the co-ordinates on the map, image courtesy of Reddit user Bfor45:

If you are struggling at all with completing all the week 2 challenges, make sure to check out our guides.

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