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How to complete Jordan Downtown Drop LTM challenges in 5 minutes

Published: 23/May/2019 11:56 Updated: 23/May/2019 12:15

by Calum Patterson


The Jordan collaboration in Fortnite Battle Royale has kicked off with a new limited time mode (LTM), Downtown Drop, which comes with its own set of challenges that you can quickly complete with this Creative map.

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In total, there are 13 challenges, and although there are some great rewards to go with them, it can be a tedious task, especially with challenges like ‘change the color of 1000 tiles’.

Making matters worse, these challenges and the associated rewards will only be available for as long as the collaboration lasts. So, if you don’t have hours to put into playing, you might never complete them all.


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The Downtown Drop challenges.

Thankfully, one creative player has made a map which makes all the tasks much more efficient to complete, and anyone can play it by using the creative map code.

The creator, u/notjoss, explains that “Some of the challenges like the Collect 50 shoes and 50 Basketballs can be tedious, and maybe you want your edit styles unlocked already.”

This is why they made the map, which puts (almost) everything you need to complete the 13 challenges in one place.

Do the Jordan skins challenges in under 5 minutes in this map I created! Code: 9377-7330-8940 from r/FortNiteBR

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You can, of course, still complete the challenges in the regular LTM, but using this map will also tick off the tasks all the same, and in much, much faster time.


There are some challenges that you will still require take some effort, though, such as finding the hidden Jonesy behind a fence.

Where to find Jonesy behind a fence

To locate the hiding Jonesy, you will need to head to the small alleyway on the second slope on the Downtown Drop LTM, where you find Jonesy lurking in the corner.

Jonesy is hidden at the end of this alleyway.

To use the creative map from notjoss, you will need to enter the code 9377-7330-8940.