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How to complete Fortnite Storm The Agency challenges in 12.60 update

Published: 20/May/2020 8:06

by Brad Norton


Brand new challenges have arrived in Fortnite’s 12.60 update. Here’s an overview of the Storm The Agency challenges and the rewards you’ll get upon completion.

Epic Games continues to push Fortnite’s in-game narrative ahead as the battle royale gets set for its major Season 3 update.

The latest batch of challenges in v12.60 will land you 120,000XP along with three brand new unlocks. Here’s everything you need to know to complete the new Storm The Agency challenges in Fortnite.

Five objectives are tied to the latest batch of challenges. As usual, players will be trekking all across the map in order to complete them.


To net your first 40,000XP all you have to do is land at The Agency. Be prepared for dozens of enemies to drop at this hotspot as everyone else looks to complete the challenge as well.

Epic Games
Hatches play an important role in the latest challenges.

Next up, Storm The Agency challenges require players to survive 10 Storm Circles. This should be simple enough for players of any skill to complete across a handful of games without really trying.

The third challenge will award a brand new ‘Steel Shadow’ pickaxe in place of experience. To unlock the rare item, you’ll have to open three faction locked chests at different Spy Bases across the map.


Swimming over a single hatch at The Agency will net your last 40,000XP, while taking down three Henchmen at different Safe Houses will provide a new Icon. Once all five challenges are complete, the ‘Shadow Stalker’ Glider will be unlocked.

These tasks will only take a few games at most and reward a ton of XP. They should come in handy for anyone looking to complete their battle pass progression as the season begins to wind down.

There’s no telling just where the storyline is headed as Season 3 comes around, though Midas and his Doomsday Device certainly seem to be playing a big role.