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How to build the Coral Buddies rocket ship for secret Fortnite challenge

Published: 6/Aug/2020 13:31

by Matt Porter


Eagle-eyed Fortnite fans will have noticed some secret challenges taking place in Season 3, and this week you’ll be helping the Coral Buddies build a space ship so they can blast up into the sky. 

It’s been a big week in Fortnite, with cars and vehicles finally making their debut after some delays held back their release date, alongside new Radio Stations to listen to while cruising, and important bug fixes. 

A new week also means new challenges, and that means the Coral Buddies are looking for your help again. Two weeks ago they were building pyramids, but science moves fast in the Buddies community, and this week they need your help building a rocket ship. 


Where to find Fortnite’s Coral Buddies

To kick things off, you need to know where the cute little creatures reside in Season 3. If you’ve already been taking part in these challenges, you know to head to the top-left corner of the map and head for the little clump of islands just west of the lighthouse. 

If you’re new to these challenges though, they aren’t too hard to find. They may not be marked on the map, but head to the square B1, and you’ll spot their little home. We’ve marked the exact location on the map below to help you out.


Map showing location of Coral Buddies island.
Epic Games
A map showing where to find Coral Buddies.

How to build the rocket ship

The only tricky part of this challenge comes before you actually make it to the island, as you need to have 100 metal in your materials to give to the Coral Buddies. The easiest way to grab metal is to land on the lighthouse island and start mining at the little dock, which has a metal crane and some boats that should get you over the line.

Once you make it to the island, you’ll see the Buddies have the launchpad set up, but no rocket to fly into space in. Simply walk over and hold the interact key to hand them the goods they need.


Coral Buddies rocket ship launchpad.
Epic Games
The Coral Buddies need your help to put a rocket on their launchpad.

Once you’ve completed the challenge, the rocket will appear and go shooting off into the sky, as the Coral Buddies embark on their next great adventure into the deep unknown. After you’ve watched the launch, you can head off in search of a Victory Royale.

Completing this challenge is definitely worth it for Fortnite fans, as you receive a nice 25,000 XP reward towards your Season 3 Battle Pass, which will be very handy should you be aiming to reach Tier 100 before the season ends.