How much money did Fortnite make in 2018?

2018 was a huge year for Fortnite and its developer Epic Games, and a new report has revealed how much the game made in 2018.

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Research analysis company SuperData released a new report on the gaming industry on Wednesday, January 16, and unsurprisingly, it showed that Fortnite had a massive year in terms of revenue.

The report states that Fortnite made an estimated $2.4 billion dollars throughout 2018, making it the top-grossing free-to-play game in the world.

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Fortnite’s $2.4 billion revenue puts it above other free-to-play games like Pokémon Go and Arena of Valor, and even made more than League of Legends, which raked in $1.4 billion in comparison.

Much of the $2.4 billion came from players buying skins, with Epic Games constantly releasing new characters throughout the year, while also rotating popular skins back into the Item Shop to give players the opportunity to buy those they may have missed.

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Battle Pass purchases were also a huge factor, with 34% of players in the US purchasing them throughout the year.

Skins are a major source of revenue in Fortnite.
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Fortnite has also accrued a massive fanbase around the world thanks to its availability, with the game expanding to new platforms throughout 2018 like the Nintendo Switch and Android mobile devices.

With Season 7 in full swing and updates continuing to keep the game fresh, it seems like Fortnite’s dominance is set to continue into 2019.

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