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Full recap of Fortnite Fall Skirmish Week 5 tournament – highlights, final scores and placements, and current Club standings

Published: 20/Oct/2018 0:54

by Albert Petrosyan


The Duos tournament for week five of the Fortnite Fall Skirmish competition series has come to an end for both the European and North American regions.

The Team Liquid pro player Duo of ’72Hrs’ and ‘Chap’ were victors of the NA tournament, while Gentside Esports’ ‘Blaxou’ and ‘Madzen’ took home the crown in the EU half of things.


Both Duos took home $67,500 for taking first place, and a whopping 610 points for the Bush Bandits, since all four players were part of the same Club.

In order to better understand this recap, look over the details of the six-match Duos format used for this week, called ‘Royale Flush.’


Victory Royale: +3 Points
2nd-3rd Place: +2 Points
4th-5thth Place: +1 Point

8+ Eliminations: +3 Points
6-7 Eliminations: +2 Points
4-5 Eliminations: +1 Point

NA Recap

Team Liquid’s 72Hrs and Chap are two of the most dominant Fortnite players in the world, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that they dominated the NA field by earning 11 points, five more than the second place team.

They were followed by FaZe Clan pro players ‘Tennp0’ and ‘Jaomock,’ who got 7 points to secure $47,500 and 215 points for the Fort Knights. The pair got a Victory Royale in the first match, with three eliminations.


The top-three for the NA region was rounded off by free agent competitive players ‘An2ny’ and ‘Emad,’ who took home $36,250 and 165 points for the Rift Raiders.

The pair were also in a four way tie with Chap and 72Hrs, Team EnVy’s LeNain and Scatch, and SSG’s Colton and Ghost Gaming’s Thwifo for the $25,000 bonus for getting most eliminations in a single match. 

Here are the top-20 finishers of the NA tournament. The full final placements for all 50 NA Duos teams can be seen on the Fall Skirmish event page here.


EU Recap

Blaxou and Madzen, who are both part of the the French org Gentside Esports’ Fortnite pro team, captured 13 points to take first place in the competition, including a massive 11 elimination performance in the final match.

They were also one of the three teams that shared the most eliminations in a single match, which earned them a third of the $25,000 bonus.


Taking second place, with an 11 point tournament performance, were Team Kinguin’s ‘Taiovsky’ and ‘Hycel,’ who secured $47,500 and 215 points for the Fort Knights.

Rounding out the top-three for the EU region were competitive players ‘Sieba’ and ‘Boyer,’ the latter of which placed first in last week’s Solos tournament.

The pair, who also had 11 points but fell to third because of a tiebreaker, took home $36,250 and 165 points for the Dusty Dogs. 

The following standings reflect all points earned by Club members following the week five competitive tournament, including week four’s ‘ATK Grand Prix’ Trials event. 


Recently-launched esports network VENN raises $26m

Published: 20/Oct/2020 14:33 Updated: 20/Oct/2020 14:44

by Adam Fitch


VENN, a gaming and esports television that launched on August 5, has raised $26 million in investment.

The Series A funding round was led by BITKRAFT Ventures, a venture capital firm founded by ESL and G2 Esports co-founder Jens Hilgers. Television and media company Nexstar Media Group has also invested in the network.


Nexstar Media Group is said to be the largest owner of television stations in the entire United States, which perhaps signals that VENN is prioritizing mainstream adoption instead of building up a major viewership base on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

Interestingly, WISE Ventures — the parent company of Call of Duty League franchise Minnesota ROKKR and Rocket League brand Version1 — also participated in the funding.

VENN's The Download show
The Download is one of VENN’s main content offerings.

With live studios in New York and Los Angeles, the gaming and esports network is looking to become the home of “streamers, casters, content creators, esports athletes” through “engaging and innovative formats.”

In the first month of trying to become the premier destination of content for gamers and esports fans, VENN achieved a peak viewership of 14.2K, according to Esports Charts.

It dropped in the last week of August — reaching an average viewership of 216 people. It’s worth noting that the network also uploads VODs of its content, which includes topical talk shows and a daily news offering.

VENN's co-founders Ariel Horn and Ben Kusin
VENN’s co-founders Ariel Horn and Ben Kusin are no strangers to gaming and esports.

Another big move for VENN is the appointment of Jeff Jacobs, a former NBC Sports veteran that joins as executive vice president and general manager. He will oversee an expansion for the network in terms of their content and business operations in hopes of making it more prominent among the bustling gaming fan base.

For now, it’s clear that there’s a long road ahead of VENN for it to reach the lofty ambitions of the founders, but raising $26m is certainly a good pot of cash to work with.