Fortnite Tron skin issue discovered as fans slam “rushed” crossover

Jacob Hale
Fortnite marvel tron skin crossover

Just a day after the Fortnite Tron skin day landed in-game, players have already found a key issue with the outfit and slammed the crossover as feeling “rushed.”

Marvel and Fortnite have had a long-running partnership, dating as far back as May 2018, with Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet LTM.

Since then, players have regularly got new skins, LTMs and content related to the Marvel universe, and Tron has been the latest character to get in on the action with a skin released on February 11.

It’s still currently available at the time of writing in the Item Shop, but some fans have hit out at Epic after a noticeable issue has been bothering players traversing the island in it.

Fortnite male Tron skin
This issue is affecting the male Tron skin, while the female version is fine.

Fortnite Tron skin crossover under fire

As you’ll know, if you’ve checked out the slick new skin, Tron comes in both male and female variants — but there’s a discernible issue with the male variation of it.

As pointed out by Hip_Fridge on Reddit, with a side-by-side comparison to boot, the male Tron’s Back Bling is seriously misaligned.

The Identity Disc Back Bling really adds to Tron’s futuristic look but players are finding this misalignment isn’t having the desired effect and causing aesthetic issues for players.

This has led to some serious eyebrows raised over Epic’s commitment to detail, with the top comment on the above Reddit post saying that the whole crossover “feels rushed.”

Hip_Fridge goes on to say that issues such as these “numb the hype a bit” of big crossovers, and considering how much Fortnite relies on cosmetic sales and microtransactions, this isn’t something they’ll want to let slide.

Epic haven’t responded to the issue yet, but we trust they will get it fixed sooner rather than later, so players can enjoy the Tron skin in all its glory.

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