Fortnite: ‘The Block’ updated with bounce pad filled ‘DM Arena’ location

Calum Patterson

Bounce pads have made a return to Fortnite in a big way with the v7.10 content update #3, as ‘The Block’ has been updated with fan made ‘DM Arena’ location.

Added shortly after the launch of Season 7′, The Block’ took over Risky Reels, with the best Creative mode locations by fans selected in its place for a limited time.

So far, there has been two locations, Risky Runways and Mysterious Markets, but these have now been cycled out, with the brand new ‘DM Arena’ in their place.

Epic GamesThe new ‘DM Arena’.

Created by ‘KojackNumber2’, the DM Arena is deep, with six levels of height to it, and is filled with bounce pads everywhere.

The gameplay in this location will be vastly different to anything elsewhere on the map, and once inside, it looks fairly tricky to get out, with high walls all around.

First gameplay has already been uploaded to YouTube, which shows just how crazy this area can be.

These locations seem to last only one to two weeks before being cycled out again for something new, so if you have any ideas make sure to start working on them now in Creative Mode.

You can submit your creations on the FortniteCreative subreddit, using ‘FortniteBlockParty’ in the title of your post.

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