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Fortnite streamer CouRage thinks Season 7 is ONE change away from being the best so far

Published: 28/Dec/2018 19:42 Updated: 28/Dec/2018 19:43

by Albert Petrosyan


Considering that we are less than halfway through Season 7, the jury is still out on where exactly it will rank in terms of best or worst seasons in Fortnite Battle Royale.

This season has added, removed, and adjusted a lot of things in the game and some of the changes have been positively received while others not so much.

One player who is a firm believer in Season 7’s potential is prominent Fortnite streamer Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop, who believes that Epic Games are just one more change away from actually making this season’s meta the best in the game’s history. 

He contends that the biggest obstacle to making Season 7 a lasting success is the X-4 Stormwing plane, which was introduced at the start of the season on December 6. 

“I TRULY, in my heart, believe that if planes are fixed then the meta in Season 7 of Fortnite is the 100% best we’ve had yet,” he tweeted, “ARs are good, SMGs are good, shotguns are good. Sword is long gone. Maybe tweak stack count of Dynamite. Fix the planes equals beautiful meta.”

The X-4 Stormwing has certainly been a polarizing addition and Epic have even had to make several nerfs to it over the past few weeks because the planes were too overpowered.

Many, like CouRage, believe that the Stormwing should suffer the same fate that the highly controversial Infinity Blade sword item was subjected to, which is to vault it for the foreseeable future. 

“It’s December 27th, 2018. I’ve finally had enough of the planes in Fortnite,” CouRage went on to say. “It’s laughable that they can still fly direct through builds and launch you 500 feet with zero repercussion for the pilot/passenger. It’s the least competitive addition to Fortnite yet. Please Epic fix it.”

Judging by past history, it’s hard to tell whether Epic will ultimately rid the planes from the default core modes of Fortnite or just continue to nerf them until the naysayers are content.

While the Infinity Blade was vaulted after days of relentless backlash, the same feedback was given for the Mounted Turret, but the developers just kept nerfing it and left it in the game. 


Fortnite Season 5 update: early 15.00 patch notes, Galactus countdown

Published: 1/Dec/2020 5:00 Updated: 1/Dec/2020 5:06

by Isaac McIntyre


Galactus is finally here, heralding the explosive end of Fortnite’s current season and the beginning of Season 5. Here’s everything we know about the Season 4 finale, and the v15.00 update, including start time and early patch notes.

Fortnite Chapter 2’s fourth season is on the verge of ending with another huge, potentially map-destroying event as Marvel supervillain Galactus finally arrives.

Galactus, known to his enemies as the “Devourer of Worlds,” is rumored to be the key to another huge ‘black hole’ style event in Fortnite. It certainly makes sense too; when he lands in the Marvel comics, he feasts on whole planets for fun.

Here’s everything we know about Season 5 and the v15.00 update so far.

When does the Galactus event begin?

The countdown to the Season 4 finale, and the beginning of Fortnite Season 5, has officially begun. The battle royale now displays a ticking counter on the lobby holo-table.

The lobby countdown gives us a perfect idea of when to expect the Nexus War event to begin too; the timer is ticking down to 4pm EST / 1pm PST / 9pm GMT on Tuesday, Dec. 1, and 8am AEDT on Wednesday, Dec. 2 for Australia.

The event was originally meant to be held on November 30, but was delayed by two days just ahead of the Season 4 finale so Epic could “get everything perfect.”

Galactus flying towards the screen in Fortnite
Epic Games
Galactus is here, right at the end of Fortnite Season 4.

Galactus event: what to expect

It’s now been all-but-confirmed that Fortnite players will join the fight against Galactus. They won’t be doing it on foot, however ⁠— instead, they’ll be attacking in the Battle Bus!

Epic Games has been dropping hints about the high-flying escapades on Twitter over the past few days, including an image of the iconic bus loaded with Gamma Cells. “Think we’ve got enough?” the Fortnite account asked on Nov. 24.

Five days later, on Nov. 29, the Fortnite devs confirmed early leaks; players will indeed take control of the Battle Bus. They wrote, “You do know how to drive the Battle Bus, right?” and “Join the Fight” alongside three images of the bus.

The fight against Galactus will see many of the Season 4 heroes and villains, including Thor, Iron Man, She-Hulk, Venom, and plenty more on the frontlines against the looming threat.

Whatever is set to happen, it’s going to be big. The Chapter 1 finale, the infamous “Black Hole” event, took a 480mb update to load in. The Nexus War battle, which should begin on December 2, is a whopping 4GB in size. There’s a lot on the way!

When the event begins, players will be able to load into a “THE DEVOURER OF WORLDS” playlist. Once loaded in, Fortnite fans will be tasked with “defending the Island to save all of Reality” against the newly-arrived Galactus.

Black Hole 2.0? Galactus may win…

The battle with Galactus, and flying the Battle Buses, have been confirmed.

What is not so certain, however, is what happens at the end. Many Fortnite dataminers have refused to reveal details, but some event leaks have still slipped through the cracks.

According to a leak on Reddit, which was posted on Twitter by @Asriel_Dev, the event’s conclusion will see words, reading “To Be Continued… in Season Five!”, spread across the screen. A new countdown timer will also appear at the bottom.

In a Black Hole-esque waiting game, Fortnite players may be locked out of the game. The counter reads “13:13:26:32” in the leak ⁠— suggesting a 14 day wait ⁠— but this seems like it could be a placeholder rather than an exact time.

Early Season 5 patch notes

After the Galactus event, Season 5 begins! That means update v15.00 will be deployed onto Fortnite servers, and after some downtime, players will be invited back in-game.

When the game returns, there’s every chance the whole Fortnite world has changed with it ⁠— according to Season 5 leaks, the next theme will be “Star Wars.” There’s also been a number of leaks suggesting big map changes too.

Star Wars takes over Fortnite

Following the success of Season 4’s Nexus War, which introduced skins and weapons based on some of Marvel’s most beloved superheroes and villains including Storm and Venom, Fortnite seems to be once again teaming up with another Disney-owned franchise, Star Wars.

Recent posts from a number of leakers including ShiinaBR and others have suggested a crossover with The Mandalorian is imminent, with bounty hunter Din Djarin and the adorable viral sensation Baby Yoda both being a part of the major Season 5 update.

There’s even been a leaked advertisement for the Battle Pass, which shows off the new Mandalorian skin accompanied by a little Baby Yoda, which should be another Back Bling cosmetic like Rocket Racoon, from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Chapter 1 map returns?

With Galactus “destroying reality,” or at least doing some serious damage, it’s likely the Chapter 2 map will be warped or deleted entirely.

According to theories heading into Season 5, the Fortnite map won’t exactly be new, but it won’t simply be a return to ‘Athena’. Instead, players will be able to contest the popular battle royale on a blended map that combines both versions.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 may change the Island forever.
Epic Games
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 may change the Island forever.

Fortnite v15.00 bug fixes

Season change or not, Epic Games always makes sure to weed out any bugs plaguing Fortnite in every patch. This week’s update has already had a handful of fixes confirmed on their official Trello board too.

Here are the full list of bug fixes coming in v15.00:


  • Bash Burner Pickaxe temporarily disabled in competitive playlists.

Battle Royale

  • Huntress Outfit appearing as Ramirez or another Outfit.

Creative Mode

  • Team Size setting does not properly function when Join In Progress is set to Join Next Round.

So, there you have it! That’s our early patch notes with all the changes & fixes planned for Fortnite’s Season 5 update patch. Once the official v15.00 details are released and added to the game, we’ll be the first to let you know.