Fortnite Stranger Things crossover leak reveals cosmetics and audio

Daniel Cleary

American TV series, Fortnite collaboration after data miners found leaked files hinting at the crossover.

Ever since the massive collaboration between Marvel Studios and Epic Games, which saw the introduction of Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet to Fortnite for a limited time mode, fans have been calling for more and more Movie and TV show crossovers with the battle royale game.

The popular Netflix show, Stranger Things, is looking like it may be next to feature in the game, as files were found suggesting that new skins and objects related to TV series were found in the data files.

Epic GamesThe Fortnite x Marvel Thanos crossover was one of the first and most successful collaborations

According to data miner “Lucas7yoshi” it appears as if a full cosmetic Stranger Things set is planned to be released to players in a future update by Epic Games after recent leaks.

The tag name on the first set of cosmetic files about in-game objects was: “Cosmetics.Set.WeirdObjects,” the files found also contain a “Stranger Things” display name in the image within the data, indicating that the files for the collaboration have apparently already been added to Fortnite.

This is not the first leak detailing these weird objects for the Stranger Things collaboration as another data miner, “FortTory,” also revealed new sound files relating to the objects, titled such as “WeirdObject_Enter_1p_01..”

The files also hint towards the portal being a crucial part in the next event in-game, as they have added multiple new noises for the portal such as the portal expanding and being used.

The sound files play a similar noise to the portals which are currently in Wailing Woods, with many fans expecting that they will play a part in the upcoming collaboration, potentially allowing players to travel to the “Upside-Down,” which was a parallel universe seen within the Stranger Things series.

Despite all of the data files released, It is unknown just what this “weird object” will have in store for Fortnite fans but many are looking forward to see what Epic Games will pull off this time.

Many fans of Stranger Things were also anticipating the addition of a Demogorgon to Fortnite whether it would be introduced as a character or as part of the cosmetic set, however there’s no known plans to include them as of now.

It is worth noting that these files are were leaked by data miners and Epic Games may decide to alter or remove some of the content before making it public to the player base.

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