Leak: Overhauled Fortnite Revolver coming soon

Epic Games

Data miners hunting through the Fortnite have found a new version of the Revolver which is set to be added to the game in the near future.

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While the June 18 update provided players with a brand new consumable item in the form of the Chug Splash, the files included in the patch have also given fans a glimpse at what is to come to the popular battle royale title.

Leakers have already revealed that a new Drum Shotgun is on its way, and now @Lucas7yoshi has discovered that an updated version of the game’s Revolver is apparently coming soon too.

Epic GamesA new version of the Revolver is coming.
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The leak shows that the Revolver, which was previously part of the game before it was vaulted in a wild west variant, has been given a brand new look, switching to a more modern style for the weapon design with a huge barrel that looks like it will pack a punch.

The game describes the weapon as: “Fast, precise sidearm with a good punch but small capacity.”

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The Revolver will come in both Epic and Legendary rarities, with a damage rate of 63/66 to both opposing players and structures. The weapon will fire medium bullets, unlike other pistols which use light ammo, and has a fire rate of 1.5 rounds-per-second.

Where the new Revolver will fit in the game’s current meta remains to be seen. It’s possible that Epic may have vaulted the Dual Pistols in favor of this, but with the Hand Cannon doing more damage-per-shot, it seems unlikely that it will unseat it as the best pistol in the game.

Epic Games have yet to announce that the revamped Revolver is coming to Fortnite, but the fact that the item design and weapon statistics have been added to the game indicate that it’s ready to be released to the public.

There is also no word on when we can expect to see it, but it’s possible we could see it and the Drum Shotgun go live in the next update, which is expected to be the v9.31 patch on Tuesday, June 25.