Fortnite Star HighDistortion Warps to Another Location After Opening a Chest in Titled Towers

TSM’s HighDistortion experienced one of the strangest Fortnite Battle Royale glitches we’ve seen during a recent Fortnite tournament and we’re still not 100% sure what actually happened.

Fortnite Battle Royale’s meteoric rise in popularity during the late stages of 2017 and early months of 2018 was nothing short of incredible, and the Epic Games title looks like it’s here to stay for the long haul.

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The game’s high octane matches mixed with the innovative building mechanics, ever changing meta, and regular updates have made it a winner for any type of gamer, and that fact that it is available on just about every conceivable platform drives home that fact.

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However, it still isn’t perfect. While the developers do a remarkable job of keeping the game fresh, interesting, and performing well, glitches and bug still do inevitably slip through the cracks.

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On June 24th, TSM’s HighDistortion shared a clip from NerdOut’s first Little and Large tournament which is so strange that we aren’t really sure how to describe it other than to say he warped through space and time to another area of the map.

The Twitch star drops into an area of Tilted Towers and attempts to open a chest but seems to be lagging. A moment later he warps to a totally different area of Tilted Towers, outside of the building, but totally unharmed…

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Widely regarded as one of the very best players on the planet, HighDistortion has his fair share of hours logged on Fortnite. It is a testament to how strange this glitch is that the experienced player is so confused by what is happening, and we’re yet to see it be replicated so it could well be a one off internet issue.

Unfortunately, the lagg/glitch caused some drama in the tournament as HighDistortion fans were unhappy with his opponents, Marksman and Wildcat, for not restarting the match.

Either way, we can guarantee that the TSM man would find it even more infuriating if it happened during a big money match or major tournament.

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