Fortnite servers are being shut down as Chinese “test” ends

Lawrence Scotti
Epic Games

Fortnite’s servers in China are shutting down on November 15 after an announcement was released on the Fortnite China official website.

Fortnite in China is a very different game than the Fortnite the rest of the world is used to. Epic Games has made tons of changes to their battle royale to appeal to the Chinese market and laws the country has around video games.

Chinese Fortnite sports some major differences, most notably the lack of purchasable V-Bucks, as microtransactions are outlawed in China. Another difference is the visual alterations to various unlockable cosmetics, like the famous Crackshot skin.

While the game had had plenty of players land in for a few games, it is set to be no more.

Fortnite player count 2021
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Fortnite is still massively popular 4 years after its release.

Fortnite China is shutting down

According to a new post on Fortnite China’s website, the game’s servers will be shut down in China for good.

A translation of the website revealed that registrations for new Fortnite accounts will cease on November 1, then servers in China will go down on November 15.

Fortnite in China never took off in popularity as it did in the rest of the world as Epic Games was never able to properly monetize the game the way they have in other regions. The major roadblock for Epic was China’s outlawing of microtransactions, which the country never budged on, leaving them no space to make a profit.

Without a workaround, the remaining Fortnite players in China won’t be able to enjoy the game after November 15, so hopefully, they are getting their last few matches in.