Fortnite x TMNT Cowabunga Pass: How to unlock, tier rewards & more

Rishabh Sabarwal
TMNT Cowabunga cover fortnite

The latest TMNT collab event brings a Cowabunga pass to Fortnite that players can unlock for free rewards. Here’s all you need to know.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 is coming closer to its conclusion and Epic has now brought a mid-season event while collaborating with the iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The collab results in an in-game event called Cowabunga where the TMNT skins are back in the Item Shop, with Shredder and Master Splinter now in the game.

Alongside the cosmetics, players can also claim Mythic TMNT weapons in the game as well as Driftboards to move around the Fortnite island in style. Furthermore, a new set of questlines has also been released that players can now complete in Battle Royale or UEFN game modes.

However, one of the most exciting additions is an event Battle Pass named Cowabunga Pass that players can claim free rewards from and unlock several tiers. Here’s everything you need to know about it.


Cowabunga Pass in TMNT Fortnite
The Cowabunga Pass has two tracks from which players earn rewards.

How to get the Cowabunga Pass in Fortnite

The TMNT Cowabunga Pass can be accessed by navigating to the in-game Cowabunga tab, denoted by a TMNT icon. You’ll see that the pass has two reward tracks, one where you can claim all the rewards for free and the other which rewards only buyers of the premium track.

You can purchase the premium track of the Cowabunga pass for 1,000 V-Bucks in Fortnite. However, you won’t be able to unlock all the rewards in one go, unless you pay your way through the tiers.

How to unlock Cowabunga pass tiers

To unlock tiers in the Cowabunga Pass, you need to complete the Cowabunga Quests, which are split into six phases, each based on a goal of the Turtles. Each phase will go live sequentially and be available until February 27 at 9 AM ET.

Upon completing each quest, you’ll earn Ooze. Earning and redeeming Ooze on either of the reward tracks, lets you unlock a certain tier sequentially.

Free TMNT Glider Fortnite
Turtle Blimp Glider can be unlocked for free in the TMNT Cowabunga Pass.

All TMNT Cowabunga Pass rewards in Fortnite

Here are all the rewards you can unlock in the Cowabunga Pass, alongside the track it’s on and the amount of Ooze required to claim it:

TMNT Event Pass TierRewardReward TrackOoze Required
Base TierShredder SkinNoneNone
Tier 1Ninja Stance: Leo EmoteFree1,000
Tier 1Shredder’s Cape Back BlingPremium1,000
Tier 2The Kuro Kabuto Bass InstrumentFree2,000
Tier 2Maniacal Krang SprayPremium2,000
Tier 3Level Up TokenFree3,000
Tier 3Level Up TokenPremium3,000
Tier 4Ninja Stance: Donnie EmoteFree4,000
Tier 4Shredder’s Steel Claws PickaxePremium4,000
Tier 5TMNT Pizza Back BlingFree5,000
Tier 5Banner Icon
Battle Prep Emote
Tier 6Level Up TokenFree6,000
Tier 6Level Up TokenPremium6,000
Tier 7Ninja Stance: MikeyFree7,000
Tier 7Shredder’s Glare Animated EmoticonPremium7,000
Tier 8Outta The Bus Loading ScreenFree8,000
Tier 8Super Shredder’s CapePremium8,000
Tier 9Ooze WrapFree9,000
Tier 9Ninja Wink Animated Emoticon
Lair Showdown Loading Screen
Tier 10Ninja Stance: Raph EmoteFree10,000
Tier 10Super Shredder’s Steel Claws PickaxePremium10,000
Tier 11Turtle Blimp GliderFree11,000
Tier 11Super Shredder SkinPremium11,000

Upon purchasing the premium upgrade, you’ll automatically receive the Shredder Outfit. Shredder has both a Fortnite Style and a LEGO Style. In addition, after completing five Quests in a phase, you’ll unlock that phase’s Krang Blueprint. Collect all six Krang Blueprints to unlock the Krang Back Bling.

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