Fortnite players in awe of “gigachad” Peter Griffin’s weight loss transformation

John Esposito
Fortnite players in awe of how hot "GigaChad" Peter Griffin is

Family Guy’s Peter Griffin is coming to Fortnite, but it’s possible nobody anticipated Epic Games’ approach to the character.

Fortnite‘s OG season is coming to a close, with legendary rapper Eminem closing out the blast from the past with a special in-game concert

Yet before Eminem’s sendoff of Season OG, all eyes turned toward the future as an early leak showed the upcoming season. Chapter 5, Season 1, called Underground, will introduce weapon mods, wall-running, and a train.

However, the biggest reveals came from the brief snippets of new skins, including the reveal of a GigaChad Peter Griffin.

Fortnite players react to Peter Griffin’s reveal

As with any new season trailer, much of the focus is on the new skins that’ll populate the battle pass. Chapter 5 will introduce Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid and, of course, Peter Griffin. 

Yet, in a strange turn of events, Peter Griffin’s arrival is not what we expected from the lovable father from the hit show Family Guy.

Epic Game’s rendition of Peter Griffin is strikingly remarkable, as the typically “large and in charge” character is chiseled, and quite frankly, handsome.

Fans were quick to point out the wild contrast of appearances, with many of the replies labeling it the “Handsome Peter Griffin” skin.

Of course, that led to many crazy comparisons, with a few saying he’s related to Handsome Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants. There’s also the straight-up comparison to the iconic GigaChad meme that’s floated around the internet for some time.

Despite the stark difference in appearances, Peter’s Fortnite skin is technically lore accurate to the show. In Season 2, Episode 17, Peter Griffin goes through liposuction, completely altering his appearance.

Clearly, someone or somebodies at Epic Games is a fan of Family Guy and the previously mentioned episode. Expect your Fortnite lobbies to be full of Peter Griffin in the coming days.

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