Fortnite players devastated as 22.10 update ruins Paradise Quests

fortnite paradise questEpic Games

Fortnite Battle Royale players have been left shellshocked after the 22.10 update kicked them off the servers way earlier than expected.

The game’s latest major update, v22.10, rolled out on October 4 following a lengthy spell of server downtime.

Included in the content refresh was a new weapon called the Cobra DMR, Super Styles for Chapter 3 Season 4, and Holo-chests – while the Boogie Bomb was sent to the vault.

While all of that will sound extremely exciting for many fans, a big catch also came with the recent patch.

Fortnite Paradise Quests ruined in 22.10 update

Those who had been waiting to complete the Paradise Quest Stage 1 until the final day were left stunned as the scheduled downtime came sooner than expected.

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Hence, they lost out on the opportunity to complete it.

Over on Reddit, one user posted about the issue and their post has received hundreds of upvotes. They said: “Waited till the last day to complete Paradise Stage 1 quests, servers went down 11 hours early and now the quests are gone…”

The screenshot shows that Stage 1 had disappeared once the servers had come back online, so they had missed the deadline.

Others have asked if Epic Games could step in and increase the time limit. One said: “I didn’t get to do that one. They should give us an extra 2 days to finish it, because we didn’t know about the downtime.”

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Another posted: “Sorry this happened OP. You got burned by previously unannounced server downtime.”

Whether or not the developers will take action here remains to be seen, but it could prove to be a popular move if they chose to do so.