Fortnite backflips on controversial age-restricted cosmetics after player backlash

Jake Nichols
Michael Myers plays the Halloween theme in FortniteEpic Games

Fortnite has already backflipped on its controversial new age restrictions on certain in-game cosmetics following a wave of player backlash.

Fortnite, developed by Epic Games, introduced new age and content ratings for every island in-game on November 16. The idea was to inform parents and players about the experiences that each island and game mode would provide and also allow restrictions based on family preferences.

However, the announcement came with a catch for many players who had previously purchased in-game cosmetics. The same announcement also revealed that a “small portion” of cosmetics would not be compatible for use on certain islands depending on the game ratings.

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As a result, players found that they had spent money on in-game cosmetics but wouldn’t be able to use them on their favorite maps, modes, and more, leading many to call for refunds in what they deemed as “the worst update in the history of the game.”

In a surprising turn of events, Fortnite has now acknowledged the mistake and announced plans to change its approach in light of backlash from players.

“Welp, our plan for cosmetics with the ratings update didn’t hit the mark,” a tweet from the Fortnite account stated. “We’re working on a few new options that we hope to have in place for say… some sort of big in-game event. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted >

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It’s a major turnaround from Epic Games, who had previously revealed that the restriction applied to approximately 7% of its skins.

These restrictions were based on the content rating of different creative islands within the game, meaning that players could no longer use certain skins in these environments.

Most affected were weapon cosmetics, such as pistols and knives, but there were major issues with the consistency with which the restrictions were applied. For example, Michael Myers, a skin representing a fictional serial killer, was not restricted despite its thematic violence.

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Together with the announcement revealing that the game would be reversing course on the controversial new feature, Epic Games hints at a “big in-game event” coming soon in what appears to be a move to appeal to players following the player backlash.

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