Fortnite players confused by ‘horrible’ rank distribution

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Fortnite players are baffled by the high number of Elite and Champion ranked players compared to Zero Build.

Fortnite began appealing to a different group of competitive players when they introduced Zero Build. This mode would force players to rely on fighting skill alone and know how quickly they could build cover.

There are 17 ranks that can be reached in Fortnite. It starts at Bronze 2 and builds up to ‘Unreal’ which is the highest rank that can be achieved in either mode.

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With Zero Build came the introduction of ranked play for both modes. Players could decide if they wanted to rank up with or without builds, but the ranking would be separate for each.

Fortnite players call out campers in build ranked

In a Reddit thread posted to the official Fortnite page, one user took a screenshot of the current rank distribution to discuss it. The information was from Fortnite Tracker, which gives a rough idea of the current distribution.

There is an even distribution of players ranging from Bronze to Diamond, but the majority of players are ranked within the highest three – Elite, Champion and Unreal.

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“It’s easier to camp and avoid fights in builds and get consistent placement points,” said one commenter. “You just farm everything you need in the most remote POI, then camp in a box until late game.”

Meanwhile Zero Build has a much different rank distribution, with less than 4% of the player base ranked within the top three categories. Those underneath the Reddit page suggested that campers were not the only reason to blame for the lack of balance.

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“Because it’s not a real ranked mode,” said another user. “I came 33rd with 1 kill in Diamond 3 earlier and was promoted to Elite with about 25% progress towards Champion. Real ranked modes punish you for not performing. This doesn’t. It’s just a climb to the top. I feel like Epic is scared that if people aren’t constantly rewarded, they won’t play.”

Fortnite Season OG ends on December 2, which closes Chapter 4 of the game and welcomes in Chapter 5. This means ranks could be adjusted with the start of the new chapter. However, Epic Games has not made any official statement on the current ranked distribution imbalance.

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