Fortnite Middle East servers are coming according to leak

Fortnite players in the Middle East regularly play on pings in the range of 1000 as there is no set of local servers to the region – however, that may finally be all about to change.

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At the beginning of January, Fortnite fans from the Middle East made some serious noise on Twitter, getting the hashtag #FortniteMiddleEastServers to trend as high as number two in the world.

That prompted a response from Epic Games who revealed via Twitter that the companies who work to provide Fortnite servers across the world expected to have the capability to run in the Middle East in the coming months. Now, just over a month later, players from the region may have finally gotten their wish.

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An apparent new leak posted to the FortniteLeaks subreddit shows a photo of coding for sets of Fortnite servers – with the phrase “Mid-East” front and center, twice, for all to see.

The photo also shows parts of what would be the server’s IP address and port number – which matches up with some other server locations shown in the image.

Reddit: FortniteLeaksHaving some real servers in the area may bring out some of the best talent in the Middle East.
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However, there is no way to confirm the validity of the leak as of yet and it will still be on Epic Games to make any sort of announcement – especially regarding something like this that has grown massively via Twitter, with fans asking each day just when they will be able to play with a normal ping.

Seeing as Epic had already made it a priority for the year and promised fans that they would not have to wait long for a localized batch of servers, it surely can’t be too far away.

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