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Fortnite leak reveals all-new car-based LTMs coming in Season 4

Published: 20/Aug/2020 4:26

by Brad Norton


Fortnite Season 4 is right around the corner and a set of new leaks has revealed what fans might be able to expect from unique Limited-Time Modes through its duration.

Season 3 of Fortnite is just days away from coming to a close. From new Points of Interest to speedy vehicles and plenty more, the enormous content drop shook up the state of the battle royale in big ways. With the next seasonal update fast approaching, the community has been eager to see what’s in store.

August 19 leaks claimed that the upcoming season will be based on a Marvel hero this time around, as opposed to DC’s Aquaman in the current season. Beyond this, not much is known about the update. However, a fresh set of leaks have revealed one key tidbit: what LTMs are on the horizon in Fortnite.


You’ll want to get some experience behind the wheel before Season 3 wraps up. Many of the leaked LTMs for Season 4 appear to be vehicle-based. Here’s what you need to know.

Each and every week Fortnite is updated. Some weeks see new content added while others see map changes introduced. In week eight, an assortment of vehicles were dropped across the map. It appears as though Epic Games had plans for unique LTMs with these vehicles in Season 3. Plans that haven’t quite seen the light of day just yet.

There were three unique LTMs added to the game’s files throughout the season. Meaning that three brand-new LTMs could be all set to go once Season 4 arrives. One of them is a standard playlist without a focus on vehicles. ‘Pavonis’ is a squad mode that bumps damage up, lowers your health, and restricts weapons to close-range only.


The remaining two are all vehicle-based LTMs. Rally Royale is for teams of all sizes and requires players to “collect Golden Tickets.” These are found scattered throughout Supply Drops on the map. Once enough have been collected, a finish line will appear. Players will need to race around the map in the fastest vehicles to be first in this mode.

Next up is Nitrogen, another mode for solos, duos, and quads alike. If you’ve ever played Crazy Taxi before, you’ll feel right at home here. All players spawn into the map with their own taxi. From here, it’s a race to drop passengers off at their desired location. Be careful of others on the road, however, as kills can cause you to lose your progress.


While information has slipped through the cracks for these modes, do take these details with a grain of salt. There’s a chance things change behind the scenes before they’re released. 

All of these modes were clearly planned for Season 3 of Fortnite. However, with Season 4 confirmed for an August 27 release, you can expect to see these over the next few weeks.