Fortnite players lash out at “annoying” jungle trees

Brianna Reeves
fortnite jungle trees

Fortnite players are lashing out at trees in the jungle biome because accidentally landing on them and trying to get down is “annoying.”

The new jungle biome hit Fortnite Island for the Chapter 4 Season 3 Wilds update in June. Of course, the dense and leafy environment shook up things quite a bit, adding ancient secrets, traversal mechanics like vine grinding, and new wildlife.

Plus, the thick tree canopies introduced another level of verticality, a win-win for those who prefer taking the high ground.

But navigating the treetops in Fortnite does have its disadvantages; for one, building mechanics are completely off-limits. Some players do their best to avoid the canopies for other reasons, though.

Fortnite players call jungle trees “annoying”

Reddit user Tandril91 didn’t hold back in a recent post when highlighting the many frustrations of navigating the jungle biome’s treetops.

“I can’t stand [it] when I accidentally land on ‘jungle trees.’ It’s so damn annoying trying to find a way down that doesn’t involve plummeting a hundred feet to my death,” the player wrote.

They went on to note that sometimes they’ll try landing in a nearby water source, only to find out the hard way that it wasn’t deep enough.

fortnite jungle trees

Evidently, Tandril91 isn’t the only one with a bone to pick with Fortnite‘s traversable jungle trees. “I know it makes me very hesitant using the jump flowers. Not sure if I’m alone here, but I’ve noticed not many are using them as a sniper post,” one player said in agreement with the original post.

Someone else chimed in with, “I love the jungle but hate the trees. I’ve been telling myself I need to go up there to get the feel for them, but every time I do it just sucks.” Meanwhile, another user offered a much more terse response: “F**k the jungle.”

Not everyone thinks the trees are a bad omen, though. In fact, a few people argued that it comes down to a “skill issue,” especially since the trees feature ascenders, bounce flowers, or grind vines that should make coming and going relatively simple.

As is the case with many Fortnite features, it seems the community’s divided about what to think of the tree traversal mechanics.

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