Fortnite have vaulted the Burst Assault Rifle and some fans are devastated

Matt Porter

Fortnite’s third and final V7.10 Content Update saw the return of the Dual Pistols, but forced fans to say goodbye to one of the game’s most recognizable weapons.

In the update, Epic Games took the Uncommon, Common and Rare variants of the Burst Assault Rifle and placed them into the game’s vault, alongside the Six Shooter.

Many fans of the game were shocked to see the weapon removed from the game, as Epic Games had announced that the Six Shooter was leaving, but hadn’t mentioned the Burst Assault Rifle.

The Uncommon, Common and Rare variants of the Burst Assault Rifle have been in Fortnite Battle Royale since its launch in September 2017, and fans of the game are sad to see it go.

However, not everyone is sad to see the back of the weapons, with many feeling they were never strong enough to compete with the normal ARs, and were glad to see them make their way out of the game.

While the Uncommon, Common and Rare versions of the Burst Assault Rifle are gone, the Epic and Legendary versions of the item still remain in the game, and are found in chests, floor loot and supply drops.

While some are sad to see the Burst Assault Rifles gone, it’s worth remembering that just because an item has been vaulted, it doesn’t mean it’s been permanently removed from the game.

The Dual Pistols were vaulted back in November, but this update saw them reinstated, as Epic Games believe that rotating weapons helps keep the game fresh and stops one item or gun dominating the game for too long.

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