Fortnite have pushed out another fix for animation issues

Matt Porter

Epic Games have pushed out another update in an attempt to fix item and animation issues in Fortnite.

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The hotfix went live on Friday, September 28, but required no downtime, allowing players to quickly download the update and get back into the Battle Bus.

This is the second patch Epic Games have had to release since the start of Season 6, with the developers releasing a first hotfix on Thursday, September 27.

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On September 27, Epic Games released a patch for the Calamity skin, who is the main skin for Fortnite Season 6, and upgradeable throughout the duration of the season.

However, Fortnite fans soon realised that when performing the Jubilation emote with the character equipped, Calamity’s boobs appeared to jiggle.

PC Gamer reached out to Epic Games about the situation, who called it “embarrassing and unintended”, and worked very quickly to remove the jiggling from the game.

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Epic Games announced the latest hotfix on their Twitter account, and also made a post on the Fortnite subreddit informing players of the patch. Unfortunately, no patch notes have been released.

Epic Games are yet to reveal whether this update is to fix animation issues similar to the Calamity problem, or whether this could be a fix to the invisibility glitch that appeared yesterday.

We’ll update this article if/when more information is made available.