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Fortnite FNCS Champion Kez permanently banned for hacking in Frosty Frenzy

Published: 14/Dec/2020 6:16 Updated: 14/Dec/2020 6:47

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Kez, a former FNCS champion, has been permanently banned from Fortnite after he was caught using soft-aim hacks in the middle of a Frosty Frenzy event.

Fortnite has no room for cheaters, especially in the competitive scene. It goes against the heart and soul of what it means to be a competitive player. However, it didn’t stop Kalvin ‘Kez’ Dam, a former FNCS champion, from using hacks in the Frosty Frenzy tournament.

Kez copped the ban right in the middle of a game.

He disappeared into thin air, and his items were left scattered across the ground. His teammates, Nanolite and Chris ‘CizLucky’ Perez, had no idea what happened, but it didn’t take them long to figure it out.


Fortnite Kez FNCS Ban
Kez’s impressive history in the Fortnite competitive scene has been tainted.

“Why did he just leave?” yelled CizLucky. “He got banned! What the f**k?” You could barely hear him over Nanolite, who was also stunned and confused.

AussieAntics, a Fortnite commentator who captured the footage, was shocked too. “Ummmm…? FNCS winner being struck by ban hammer mid-tournament…”

“Doesn’t look good that he didn’t say anything to his teammates after being struck by ban hammer?”

Kez did eventually explain the situation to his teammates after the game. He said he’d been banned for “a very long time” for “exploiting.” It sounded believable, but he skimmed all the important details.


Five minutes later, rumors he was using soft-aim hacks spread like wildfire. The Fortnite competitive community exploded in outrage, and he deactivated his social media accounts in shame.

Shortly after, CizLucky revealed that somebody messaged him on December 5. They claimed Kez bought hacks and even sent him a screenshot of the alleged transaction and predicted the ban. It looked credible.

However, CizLucky didn’t believe it at the time. “I was so naive,” he said. “I didn’t even think for a second he was telling the truth.” It’s understandable since these kinds of messages often turn out to be false, but this one was on the ball.


The situation has left Fortnite players and fans wondering how long Kez has been cheating. It could go all the way back to when he won the FNCS.

He’s also won over $60k, and may have used cheats to acquire some or all of it.

Fortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Sebby, who used to play duos with Kez, claims Kez told him he didn’t cheat until this season. Either way, justice seems to have been served, with more penalties expected to come.