Despicable Me x Fortnite concept goes viral following movie trailer release

Josh Taylor
Despicable Me 4 trailer featuring Gru and minions.

Fortnite fans have been left divided over one player’s Despicable Me concept which has gone viral following the release of the upcoming movie’s first official trailer.

Fortnite has built up a passionate community of fans over the years, who often have created and shared their own inventive concepts.

These have showcased anything relating to the game and its many features. Whether that be one player recreating a whole new Victory Royale animation sequence idea or another creating various skin and cosmetic concepts from pop culture.

One player has revealed their very own Despicable Me collab following the release of the first official trailer for the upcoming movie, Despicable Me 4.

Fortnite player goes viral with Despicable Me 4 collab concept

Fortnite player CurlyOtaku_ revealed their Despicable Me concept to the game’s subreddit: “Imagine waking up to this collab…”

Their movie-inspired concept featured various skins and cosmetic bundles of various fan favorites from the franchise. It included the main protagonist Gru and his fellow Minions, as well as the Despicable Me soundtrack and “Grumobile” vehicle skin.

Various players praised the idea: “I have 2200 V-Bucks and I a want superhero skin, but when this is in the Item Shop, my V-Bucks are gonna be zero.” One player simply responded: “This must happen!”

However, some slammed the idea of the Minions joining the Battle Royale and said they were “not interested,” with one even claiming they’d “actually delete Fortnite.”

With Despicable Me 4 scheduled for a July 12, 2024, release, many suspected that Gru and the Minions could arrive in the game “maybe with the new upcoming movie?” At the time of writing, Epic Games hasn’t announced anything, and leakers in the community have not found anything that points toward a potential collab.