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Fortnite Fall Skirmish trial event: Kill record race – Rules and standings

Published: 26/Sep/2018 15:08 Updated: 26/Sep/2018 15:15

by Calum Patterson


The first week trial event for Fortnite’s Fall Skirmish requires players in teams of four to rack up as many eliminations as possible in a single squad match.

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With only a maximum of 96 enemies to dispatch of, there is a lot skill, and a good helping of luck, required to put up some of the insane, record breaking elimination counts that have already been achieved.

The Fall Skirmish is organized into ‘clubs’ – read more about them here – and getting high kill games will earn more points for that team’s respective club.

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The players of each club form teams to play in public games and aim for as many eliminations as possible in one game. 


They have 36 hours in total to try to be the highest ranked team in the table. With some serious prize money on the line, the kill race has lead to the world record being beaten three times in less than 24 hours.

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Current Standings (Top 10)

Club Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Number of elims
Bush Bandits OnF 3vil VP 7ssk7 VP JAMSIDE Winstrike siff 59
Rift Raiders Tfue FaZe Cloak LG Kreo Knights ZexRow 57
Lucky Llamas Nick Eh 30 FaZe Replays FaZe SpaceLyon Turkey Lips.TV 56
Dusty Dogs Teeqzy Solary Kinstaar Solary Hunter SB Vato 55
Bush Bandits Ninja MoNsTcR KingRichard215 Ghost Kayuun 54
Dusty Dogs Alliance RizaaR Atlantis_kejseR boyerxd Twitch beehive 53
Fort Knights inH.Dju LH Crowlley VP FiveSkill VP Hurma 53
Lucky Llamas TSM Myth Liquid POACH Liquid Vivid NRG Zayt 52
Bush Bandits Gentside Blaxou TwitchAmarCodTV Gentside Madzen Oserv KaazONFIRE 51
Lucky Llamas Cbk Flame CLG_Dafps TB Exuhz TB LaVak3 51

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Prize Pool

The top 5 teams will earn points and cash fro their club.

Position Prize Club points
1 $ 45,000 325
2 $ 25,000 225
3 $ 15,000 180
4 $ 10,000 150
5 $ 5,000 120