Fortnite exploit allows players to shoot through vehicles

Cars in FortniteEpic Games

A shooting glitch has been found in Fortnite that allows players to shoot their opponents through vehicles.

Chapter 3, Season 2 of Fortnite, has seen Epic Games get creative with their beloved battle royale implementing a No-Build mode.

The bold game mode departs from the building shenanigans that Fortnite is known for and requires the community to find new defensive strategies in the heat of battle.

Some players have taken advantage of the super jump and faster run mechanics Epic Games has incorporated to compensate for the lack of building. Still, other players have begun using vehicles for cover. However, a new shooting glitch has allowed bullets to phase through these car-focused defenses.

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Cars in Fortnite Epic Games
Vehicles have become great defensive measures in No-Build mode.

Fortnite shooting glitch allows bullets to phase through vehicles

Brought to light by Redditor ruifrr in a video uploaded to the site, the 43-second clip shows the player attempting to get to their teammate and heal them.

Amid the chaotic gunfire, the player grabs his teammate and carries them behind a truck. Taking cover, ruifrr crouches down and attempts to heal them.

But, interrupting his moment of heals, the enemy team’s bullets begin phasing through the vehicle and chipping away at their health bars.

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Confused, they begin moving towards the head of the truck to use this as a defensive measure as maybe the bullets hit their team through the bottom of the truck’s bed.

However, we quickly find out that this isn’t the case as more bullets rain down on ruifrr and his squad as the opposition’s bullets continue to phase through the vehicle.

A very bizarre glitch. It’s unclear whether or not more players have experienced this kind of issue during their playing experience, but hopefully, this bug is ironed out soon.

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