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Fortnite: Epic Games gives update on problems with “Deal damage with different weapons” challenge

Published: 10/Jan/2019 18:47 Updated: 10/Jan/2019 19:22

by Alan Bernal


Epic Games have addressed a bug with one of Fortnite’s Weekly Challenges released on January 10 that asks players to deal damage with multiple weapon types in order to complete.

Fortnite gives players a wide-open battlefield to devise the best way to come on top in the 100-player battle royale, but Epic Games likes to give its players extra incentives with weekly challenges to keep the game fresh.


Feedback from the community has directed Epic Games to the bugged challenge that asks players to deal damage with five different weapons in a match, and the company thinks that it might have to do with modes that allow respawns.


The update was brief, but gave fans hope of claiming the challenge. For the time-being, sticking to the normal battle royale mode would be the best way for players to get credit for completing the task.

Some members of the community have had success completing the challenge on respawn modes such as Disco Domination, leading Epic Games to dig further into the problem.


“In respawn modes, it appears that you’ll be granted credit until you’re eliminated for the first time. After you respawn, you may be unable to progress any further in that match,” the developer said.


No timetable was given for the update, instead the developer reassured its audience that issue should be “fixed in a future update.”

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Players can try to grind out the challenge in regular modes until Epic Games can pinpoint the cause for the tricky bug.