Fortnite devs respond to frustrating glitch making Chug Jugs unusable

David Purcell
Chug Jug in Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale players have noticed a very strange glitch concerning Chug Jugs in-game, claiming that it’s actually impossible to pick them up after finding them. 

Those who drop from the Battle Bus on a regular basis will know that these healing items are quite hard to come by, and don’t spawn too often. That being said, when they are found, they aren’t working as they should.

These issues have been posted online quite frequently during Season 3, and now Epic Games have confirmed not only is there a problem, but they are going to address it soon. [jwplayer 1IFYfpxn]

The Agency underwater in Fortnite
Items are waiting to be picked up all over the Fortnite map, but you might have some trouble with Chug Jugs.

On July 7, Reddit user xXinsert-name-hereXx posted an image of the item, and said: “Anyone having an issue of not being able to pick up the Chug Jug?”

For many members of the community, they probably expected this to be something on their end causing the problem such as lag, but it turns out that this is more widespread than it might seem.

In response to that, a Fortnite developer said: “We’re aware of this issue and are investigating. We’ve put up a Trello card for this.”

Since that time, there has been a card added to the official Fortnite Trello card, which is a useful resource for any fan of the battle royale title to check out regularly. Here, developers monitor and post about current in-game issues on a regular basis, as well as posting when they have been resolved.

Inside the card is more clarity on the specific issue as well. It states: “Players may be unable to pick up Ocean’s Bottomless Chug Jug while it’s recharging if it was dropped by another player. In this situation, they’ll get the “Backpack Full!” message even if they have an open inventory slot.”

So, that explains why some people are having trouble with them.

In terms of other known issues in the game, devs have noted things like gliders not working properly near The Authority POI, replays not saving on PlayStation 4, and more. Hopefully, they will all be fixed in the near future.