Fortnite player shows alarming drop rate for Chug Jugs in Season OG

John Esposito
Fortnite player shows alarming drop rate for Chug Jugs in Season OGEpic Games

While Fortnite OG has been lacking heals, it surely hasn’t lacked Chug Jugs, as one player gets a generous gift from above.

Fortnite OG is the nostalgia kick fans have been waiting for, as the season’s glorious return to the days of old has the battle royale reaching unprecedented levels of success.

As the name implies, OG marks a blast from the past, specifically Chapter 1, Season 5 of Fortnite. Things were much different back then, as the loot pool was much smaller while players battled for supremacy in POIs such as Tilted Towers.

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Despite the reduction of the loot pool, Fortnite’s been overly generous with one item.

Fortnite OG player showcases high Chug Jug drop rate

As more players have loaded into the Battle Bus, they’ve noticed that the Fortnite OG is very lacking in the “heals” category. It makes sense, as the trimming of the loot pool means the overabundance of smaller healing items is gone.

The game’s forums have been littered with this topic, although fans are pleasantly surprised with this move. However, every one of those fans has mentioned while there aren’t many bandages and shield items, there’s a wild amount of Chug Jugs.

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One player perfectly showcased that sentiment in a short clip shared to FortNiteBR. In the video, they shot down a balloon care package, only to be gifted four Chug Jugs.

Safe to say many of the veterans are aware this insane drop rate isn’t “historically” accurate. “The heal drop rates are not accurate to this season,” one player reflected.

Funnily enough, ToniSt0rm’s not the only player to have experienced this. Much like the lack of “heals” conversation, FortNiteBR is full of players finding an abundance of Chug Jugs.

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With Fortnite OG just starting, expect this to get addressed as the loot pool expands with each successive update. For now, be sure to enjoy the Chug Jugs while you can, you’ll definitely need them.

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