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Fortnite dev explains why popular new editing feature has been disabled [UPDATE]

Published: 18/Jan/2019 1:28 Updated: 18/Jan/2019 18:50

by Albert Petrosyan


Epic Games have confirmed that a major change made to the editing system in Fortnite Battle Royale has been temporarily reverted.

The massive v7.20 patch update that went live in Fortnite on January 15 adjusted editing to allow the initial edit of builds to register immediately, regardless of the player’s respective internet connection or server ping.

While the speed at which the edits got confirmed still relied on those two aspects, the ability to at least instantly initiate the initial edit greatly cut down on ghost shots and made the overall experiences much smoother. 

While players were happily reaping the benefits of this new change in the day or so following its implementation, some soon began experiencing the pre-patch effects of the editing once again, aka ghost shots and edit delay.

As some of the more prominent members of the Fortnite community began publicly complaining about this issue, @PeteNub, Technical Lead on Fortnite at Epic Games, explained what was going on.

As it turns out, the editing change that was so positively received has actually been reverted because of a bug that was causing the system to get stuck whenever players got on the Battle Bus after editing in the pre-match waiting area. 

He also hinted at a “more robust version” of the editing system coming soon, but it requires a patch that would have to be manually downloaded and installed.

This means that the new editing feature will likely not be implemented back into the game until the next update, which will probably go live sometime between January 22-23.

As for now, players will have to still deal with the way editing was prior to the release of v7.20, which means more of those annoying ghost shots and edit delay. 


Epic Games Community Coordinator Sean ‘MrPopoTFS’ Hamilton has offered new details on this change, assuring fans that the new editing improvements will be added back with the v7.30 update. 

Edit Delay Improvements Reverted Temporarily from r/FortNiteBR


How to complete Quests in Fortnite Season 5: Challenges & rewards

Published: 2/Dec/2020 22:00

by Tanner Pierce


With Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5, challenges are seemingly no more, at least in the form that they’ve taken for a while. Now, players are able to complete quests, which operate in a similar way but are a bit different nonetheless. Here’s what you need to know about them.

For a while now, players in Fortnite have been completing challenges in order to help level up their battle pass. These challenges tasked players with completing certain objectives around the map and, in return, they are given rewards, mostly XP. It ended up being one of the main ways players could grind up their battle pass tiers and overall level.

Now, with the start of Season 5 in Chapter 2, challenges are gone, at least in the form they once took. Now, players will have to complete Quests in order to level up their battle pass. But how do you complete them and what are the actual requirements? Here’s what you need to know.

What are Quests in Fortnite Season 5?

Epic Games/LucasFilm
Quests can be found in its own menu on the left-side of the screen.

Jumping into Fortnite Season 5, one might be a bit confused as to what Quests are and why they’ve replaced challenges. While don’t know for sure why exactly they’ve taken the place of the latter, you can rest assured that they operate almost identically to the old format.

In Fortnite’s main menu, you should see a button to press on the left side labeled Quests. Clicking it will bring up the map and all your Quests, similar to how it’s been in previous seasons. That being said, these new “challenges” are a bit more narrative-focused, having quotes alongside them.

Chapter 2 Season 5 Quests list

Epic Games
Fortnite Quests are similar to challenges from previous seasons.

Quests are split up into different rarities. Everyone seems to have the two same Legendary Quests, alongside some rare and uncommon quests that are different from player to player. Once a quest is done, a new one pops up in its place, which presumably will keep happening until you’ve gone through every single challenge.

That being said, for the two Quests that everyone does have, here’s what you need to complete:

  • Mandalorian Bounties: Complete Bounties
  • Legendary Quests 1: Four Stages
    • Stage 1: Shotgun Eliminations
    • Stage 2: Assault Rifle Damage
    • Stage 3: Sniper Rifle Elimination from 150m
    • Stage 4: Deal Explosive damage to structures
  • Legendary Quests 2: Three Stages
    • Stage 1: Discover Named Locations
    • Stage 2: Talk to a character
    • Stage 3: Collect bars

New Quests should be available every week as the season goes on, much like the challenges of old. We’ll be updating this piece with new objectives as they become available.

All in all, it seems like Quests are a more refined version of challenges; gone is the long list of tasks and now we have a more organized experience. Here’s hoping that Epic continues with this style in the future.