CouRage explains why Season 7’s new items are ruining Fortnite

Albert Petrosyan

The past few weeks have been a polarizing time in Fortnite Battle Royale, especially among the well-known professional players and content creators. 

Epic Games have added, removed, and changed things in Fortnite that have fundamentally altered the way the game is played, and while some are fans of these changes, many are not.

With the more prominent members of the player-base having a strong presence and loud voice on social media, Twitch, and YouTube, it’s easy for them to express their feelings regarding the new content, and most have been frustrated and annoyed, especially at some of the new items. 

According to popular streamer and Fortnite caster Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop, the pro players’ and content creators’ frustrations dwell from the fact that many of these new items make the game easier for the lesser skilled players. 

“I think the reason why many streamers/[pro players feel frustrated at the state of Fortnite currently is because all the new items in the game lower the skill gap,” he tweeted. “Planes, dynamite, and boom boxes all let bad players get away with getting kills they don’t deserve.”

There are, of course, two ways to look at what CouRage is saying. It’s easy to agree with his argument because many pro players and content creators have dedicated so much of their time to master the game, only to find themselves having to adapt to and re-learn the meta because of new, non-competitive items, weapons, and vehicles.

That being said, Epic have also made it crystal clear that they plan to keep the competitive and casual spheres of the game as tightly intertwined as possible, which means that competitive players must learn to expect the unexpected when it comes to major in-game changes.

We have seen definite examples of this in the past, with Epic adding the glider redeploy mechanic, controversial Infinity Blade sword, and the Boom Box all within days of massive competitions set to take place for immense amounts of money. 

Epic GamesThe addition of the Boom Box caused a lot of controversy as it came on the same day that a $100,000 Fortnite tournament was scheduled to take place.

Whether or not Epic will ever change their stance regarding this general issue remains to be seen, and they have appeased the competitive community in the past when they removing the Cube Monsters before the finals of the $10 million Fall Skimish series at Twitchcon and the recent vaulting of the Infinity Blade.

However, as far as CouRage claiming that “players are getting away with getting kills they don’t deserve,” perhaps the whole point of adding these items, at least from Epic’s point of view, is to decrease the skill gap and offer lesser players a way to enjoy themselves without having to constantly get overpowered by high level players. 

Update: CouRage went on to discuss the matter via his stream, and showed his Tweet was not posted lightly.

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