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Fortnite cosplayer pulls off perfect Zoey outfit

Published: 27/Jun/2020 11:40

by Joe Craven


One dedicated Fortnite fan has impressed with her Zoey cosplay, perfectly channeling the well-known Season 4 skin from the game’s first chapter. 

Given Fortnite’s third-person mechanic, the appeal of in-game character skins has remained a constant. From skins included in the battle pass to those only available through the Item Shop, Epic have included a huge variety of skins for players to use.

Some of these skins have become well known for their rarity while others, like the Leviathan skin, have become well known for their bizarre aesthetics.

Fortnite Chapter 2 skins
Epic Games
Fortnite’s skins are creative and incredibly varied.

The Zoey outfit was released as part of Chapter One’s fourth season, as a skin unlockable via the Battle Pass.


Players may not be accustomed to seeing Zoeys running around Chapter 2’s newly flooded map, but they were certainly a common sight in their inaugural season, and the seasons that followed.

On June 26, one cosplayer – Redditor ‘RedPolina‘ – shared their awesome recreation of the Zoey skin, complete with a candied pink cap and the pigtails.

Some users commented on the Halloween pumpkin being a few months early, but feedback was generally very positive. The post sits at over 1,200 upvotes as of the time of writing.

Zoey Cosplay. from r/FortNiteBR

“Actually a nice cosplay that looks like the character,” one Reddit user commented. “Don’t see those everyday”.


Despite Fortnite’s immense popularity, cosplayers have not been as prolific as some thought they would be. However, that hasn’t stopped a select few from sharing some truly awesome looks, including this Cuddle Team Leader cosplay we brought to you back in May.

This Zoey skin joins a small group of cosplayers who are able to bring Fortnite’s truly unique aesthetic to life.