Fortnite Chapter 4’s launch is so popular even devs are getting kicked from servers

Fortnite chapter 4Twitch: Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 4’s launch is apparently so popular, even the developers can’t even join the game’s servers. During a live stream to promote the launch, the official Fortnite Twitch stream was stuck in the loading screen like millions of other players, waiting their turn to see the new content.

Fortnite uses Chapters as waves of content releases for the game, with mega shifts in the game’s lore to boot.

On December 4, Fortnite Chapter 4 launched, bringing millions back to the game. It has been marketed to include a brand new map, a newly revamped battle pass, and of course new cosmetics.

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Not only that, but the developers also supposedly improved upon the in-game performance by upgrading to Unreal Engine 5.1. But the game’s immense popularity created issues, limiting players from joining in on the festivities.

In a promotional effort to market Fortnite Chapter 4, the developers held a livestream on release day. After a little less than an hour of waiting at the title screen, those handling the official Fortnite Twitch account was immediately kicked out when attempting to log into the game.

The error read “successfully logged out. Login Expired or Logged In Elsewhere”.

They were then streamed the title screen for a solid 14 and a half hours, during which literally no gameplay was shown.

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Other Fortnite players shared their thoughts regarding the situation: “Well.. now you know there’s no special privileges in Fortnite,” one Reddit user joked.

“Suffering from success,” another stated.

Despite the issues that plagued its launch, many players are very eager to try out Fortnite Chapter 4 themselves.

“The new engine update for the game looks pretty damn bonkers. I don’t care much for it but I kinda wanna download just to see it in action,” one player commented.