Fortnite 13.40 update patch notes: Joy Ride Cars finally arrive

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Fortnite developers Epic Games have confirmed Chapter 2 Season 3’s v13.40 patch is now on its way, and we’ve got all the early news and patch notes for battle royale fans to pour through ahead of the August 5 content drop.

Start your engines! After months of teasing new Fortnite cars, Epic is finally making every revheads’ dream come true; Joy Ride vehicles are going to “race around the corner” in the latest Fortnite update this week.

We already have a pretty good idea of what these cars, which include the “Whiplash,” the “Bear,” and more, will look and drive like. Here’s everything we know about the v13.40 patch so far ⁠— starting with all the downtime details.

Fortnite v13.40 patch notes

Fortnite Joy Ride cars finally arrive

The long-awaited debut for cars in Fortnite Season 3 has always felt just that little bit down the road. Now, after a hefty handful of delays, Epic has finally added vehicles to the game in the August 5 

The official Fortnite Twitter account has already confirmed four cars that will be coming in the August 5 update. The first was called ‘Whiplash’ ⁠— “not just a name… a warning,” says Epic — as well as the truck ‘Mudflap’, the sedan ‘Prevalent’, and a pick-up truck named ‘Bear.’

Previous leaks have revealed cars will have max speeds around 28-45, with around 500 health, and the ability for players to ‘eject’ after being hit for 50 damage.

More importantly, the leaks showed that players will be able to gain metal mats when hitting objects like the Brutes did in seasons past.

When cars explode they deal 800 damage to buildings while inflicting 50 damage to players at short range and 200 at long range, according to the datamined files.

The vehicles will be divided into four distinct categories, each boasting its own unique stats: Trucks, Small Cars, Medium Cars, and Large Cars. Some vehicles will be more fuel-efficient, while others can sustain more damage.

Radio Stations

On top of the car update, Fortnite is also adding new “radio stations” to the battle royale in the 13.40 patch update. These will play whenever you have access to the radio.

Epic has also confirmed streamers can activate a “copyright-safe” playlist in their Creator Options audio settings, to avoid any streaming headaches.

Bug fixes

As per usual, the Fortnite team has also added a number of bugs and issues to their official Trello board. This week’s patch will include fixes for many of these recurring problems, including Season 3 quest bugs, and even more Slow Glider issues.

Here is the full list of bug changes set for v13.40:


  • Inability to edit floors and roofs at certain angles.
  • ‘Lock Input Method as Mouse’ does not lock the input method.
  • Mouse cursor appearing on PC when playing with controller.

Battle Royale

  • Placing a map marker cancels movement.
  • Replays not saving on PlayStation 4.
  • Water Balloon Toy temporarily disabled.
  • Slow Glider speed after redeploying in certain situations.
  • XP bar can be visually incorrect while in match / incorrect leveling-up.
  • Ocean’s Bottomless Chug Jug unable to be picked up while recharging if dropped by another player.
  • “Deal damage within 10s of landing from the Whirlpool at Hydro 16” should say “at the Yacht” instead.
  • “Land at Frenzy Farm/The Yacht and finish Top 25” not counting in Duos/Squads.

Creative Mode

  • Arena Island progress reset soon.
  • Billboards broken in islands that used Roboto.
  • Multi-selected items do not rotate properly on grid snap.
  • Crash on consoles when renaming a device.

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