Flaming Hoop Locations for the “Jump Through Flaming Hoops With a Shopping Cart or ATK” Fortnite Challenge

The most obscure challenge for Week 4 of Season 5 in Fortnite Battle Royale requires you to become a daredevil and “jump through Flaming Hoops with a Shopping Cart or ATK”.

While the challenge says you can use a shopping cart, the real enjoyment will come from using an ATK to get maximum speed and unleash your inner Evel Knieval.

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You have to jump through a total of five hoops to complete this challenge and the image below should help you to find them in no time.

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The Flaming Hoops went live at the same time as the challenges on Thursday, August 2, but the ramps leading up to them were already in the game, making it easy to pinpoint where they would be.

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There is a chance that the map does not show every single Flaming Hoop location but it should be more than enough to help you complete the challenge.

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In a week where most of the challenges are very similar to ones that have been released in the past, this Flaming Hoop challenge is sure to be the biggest hit with players.

As always, we advise you to finish playing any game where you jump through one of the Flaming Hoops before returning to the lobby.

If you leave the match before being eliminated or picking up the win there is a chance that your progression with the challenge won’t be applied properly.

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