NRG Esports’ MrSavage and Benjyfishy win $20,000 Friday Fortnite – $10K winner, recap, highlights, final placements

Albert Petrosyan

The May 31 running of Friday Fortnite has now wrapped up, with NRG Esports pro players MrSavage and Benjyfishy beating Ghost Gaming’s Kamo and Issa in the Grand Final to take first place. 

After nearly a year absence, the fan-favorite Friday Fortnite tournament series was revived by YouTuber Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem and FaZe Clan, who donated $60,000 to fund three week’s worth of competitions. 

Below you can find everything you need to know about the results of the tournament so far, including the updated list of final placements.

Grand Final recap

Having already beaten MrSavage and Benjyfishy in the Winner’s Bracket Final, Kamo and Issa came into the Grand Final knowing they just had to win one series to take home the grand prize, while their NRG opponents had to win two.

This turned out to be a huge plus for the Ghost players, who actually lost the first series, despite the fact that Issa had a memorable performance in the second map that almost gave them the come-from-behind win.

With the bracket reset and all left to play for in the second series, Kamo and Issa came out red out in the first map, building a convincing 21-13 lead.

However, both Ghost players were eliminated halfway through the second map, giving MrSavage and Benjyfishy a great opportunity to come back and steal the match.

The NRG players took full advantage of their chance, grabbing the necessary kills to clinch the comeback 31-30 victory and the Friday Fortnite championship.

Friday Fortnite final placements

Here is the updated list of all final placements for the May 31 running of Friday Fortnite.

Keep in mind that $10,000 of the prize money was fully awarded to the winning team, while the remaining $10,000 will go to one lucky viewer.

Placement Team Prize Money
1 MrSavage & Benjyfishy $10,000
2 Kamo & Issa
3 Ninja & Reverse2k
4 SypherPK & High Distortion
5-6 Secret Mongraal & Mitr0
5-6 ToryLanez & WrittenByRay
7-8 Nate Hill & FaZe Funk
7-8 Aydan & 100T Elevate
9-12 NICKMERCS & Nio
9-12 FaZe Cizzorz & Ghost Bizzle 
9-12 FaZeSway & Valkyrae
9-12 Timthetatman & KingRichard
13-16 FaZe Dubs & FaZe Megga
13-16 Lachlan & mrfreshasian
13-16 FaZe Replays & Nick Eh 30
13-16 100T Noah & FaZe Avxry
17-24 Mako & Froste
17-24 Lannon & x2twinsTwich
17-24 TINARAES & Maddie
17-24 RiceGum & FaZe Jarvis
17-24 FaE HighSky & TSM Slappie
17-24 Typical Gamer & FaZe Thiefs
17-24 Zuckles & Mccreamy
17-24 Ceeday & NoahsNoah
25-32 London 2Hype & Jesser
25-32 Joey Rage & Blay-K (Qualifer Team)
25-32 Svenosss & Vikkstar
25-32 LosPollos & Mopi
25-32 MrBeast & ExilityTM
25-32 Gotaga & Mickalow
25-32 Akademiks & Liquid Fiber
25-32 Dolan Dark & Nopeify

$10,000 prize winner

As part of this week’s event, FaZe Clan and Banks decided to give away $10,000 to a random viewer in any of the Friday Fortnite streams as a way to reward them for being actively participating in the chat.

Friday Fortnite bracket

Here is the entire live bracket for the May 31 Friday Fortnite, including both the Winners and Losers Brackets. 

Match of the tournament

With this week’s Friday Fortnite being as stacked as it was, there were many intense and high-profile matchups, along with inspirational moments and performances.

The match that most will likely consider to be the best of the tournament was the Losers Bracket Final between the eventual champions MrSavage and Benjyfishy squaring off against Ninja and Reverse 2k.

The match ended up going all the way to a third map, thanks to Ninja’s incredibly clutch series of kills to tie the score at the very end of map two.

How Friday Fortnite works

Friday Fortnite is a double-elimination tournament that use the popular ‘total of two’ and ‘bot race’ formats. In each round, the teams that get matched up queue into a public Squads lobby together, where they try to get as many eliminations as possible.

After two Squads matches, the team with the most combined eliminations gets to advance, while a third match if played if the two teams end up tied.