Ex-Fortnite star joins VCT EMEA team for LCQ

Declan Mclaughlin
Team Heretics benjyfishy

Team Heretics has announced the signing of former Fortnite star Benjy “benjyfishy” Fish for the VCT EMEA Last Chance Qualifier tournament.

Team Heretics have announced the signing of benjyfishy, a former Fortnite star who has been playing competitive Valorant at the tier two level recently. The move was first reported by Blix back in June.

benjyfishy rose to fame in Fortnite in 2018 as a prolific British player and signed with NRG Esports in 2019. He made the switch to Valorant in 2022 as a content creator for NRG. He then jumped into professional play which saw him leave NRG in December of that year to play for Enterprise Esports in Challengers East: Surge.

The Enterprise Esports squad qualified for the VCT EMEA Ascension Play-In tournament based on points due to its second-place finishes across Surge’s two splits. The squad did not make it past the Play-In Stage, however, as the team played with German player Maximilian ‘bucher’ Bucher as benjyfishy left to play for Heretics.

Team Heretics sign benjyfishy from tier two

Team Heretics Valorant
Team Heretics had a disappointing VCT EMEA split.

Team Heretics had a largely unsuccessful run in VCT EMEA. The team finished in eighth place and was forced to field one of its coaches for the final three weeks of the season and bench Aleksander ‘zeek’ Zygmunt due to “personality mismatches.” The team had to play its coach because Heretics neglected to sign a sixth man to its Valorant squad and instead put its coach in the player slot to meet the Riot Games roster requirements.

Team Heretics dropped zeek from its roster on June 6.

There is not a free agent window open at the moment that would allow teams to sign players under Riot Games rules. However, Riot has allowed Heretics to sign another player, benjyfishy, to replace zeek as an emergency roster lock exception, according to Spanish Valorant insider Lembo.

Team Heretics will get one last shot to qualify for a major international tournament in the VCT EMEA LCQ tournament with its newest signing as the squad will go up against KOI in the first round on July 19.

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