Epic Games announce nerf for newly released Burst SMG

Alan Bernal
Epic Games

Fortnite Battle Royale players have been noticing that the game’s newest weapon, the Burst SMG, might have been too dominating when it launched on May 29, and now Epic Games is issuing a fix to the gun.

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The Fortnite Battle Royale developers tend to keep their game fresh and exciting by adding in weapons that bring new elements for players to work around. But their latest drop has been frustrating some of the player base since its a bit too overpowering.

While some have been loving the new gun, there has been a particularly strong opposition to how the Burst SMG tends to bleed through walls which is giving headaches to a lot of players.

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Epic Games
The Burst SMG was instantly unpopular with a lot of players, and the devs have made a speedy correction to the new item.

In a May 2 tweet, the Fortnite devs announced that there’s going to be a major change to the new weapon that will be bringing down its damage dealt to structures.

“Burst SMG damage to structures has been reduced from 25/27/28 to 23/24/25,” the Fortnite devs said. “Damage to structures now matches the base damage to players.”

Players should notice the reduction in damage especially in build battles where the Burst SMG would eat through mats while sneaking some bullets through with little counterplay.

Hopefully the speedy change will mean that the Burst SMG will still be a strong close-quarter option, even without the quick work it makes out of builds.

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Burst SMG could change the Fortnite Battle Royale meta

Even though a lot of members in the Fortnite Battle Royale community have expressed their dislike for the new gun, some people thought it was a great addition to the game’s arsenal.

Twitch star Ninja believed the gun had the capability of changing the game’s meta since “the damage, the bullets will push through someone’s wall. It’s kind what the Famas and the Burst were able to do but they removed it.”

With that kind of firepower, players would think twice about camping in 1×1’s while relying on the sit-and-wait tactic since there’s a gun that could chew through their structure, opening them up for attacks.

But the Fortnite devs have dialed back the Burst SMG’s potency for now and it’ll be interesting to see how players take with the latest version of the new gun.