FaZe Clan’s Tfue Puts on Unreal Display of Accuracy With Eight Back to Back Hunting Rifle Headshots in Fortnite Battle Royale

FaZe professional Fortnite player Turner “Tfue” Tenney put on an unbelievable display of accuracy and skill by hitting eight back to back headshots with the hunting rifle while live streaming Fortnite.

The professional player for FaZe has been making himself known as one of the game’s top players in recent months.

Fans of the battle royale’s growing competitive scene may be familiar with Tfue as he is a regular fixture in KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite Tournaments.

He is one of only two players that have won the weekly Friday event more than one time.

The two-time champ is becoming more renown for his clips of insane trick shots and in-game antics that are often captured on stream.

Many gamers will know that it can be challenging to hit two consecutive sniper headshots, and even more difficult when there three teams take shots at you.

During a solo squad queue, he grabbed a hunting rifle and put on a display of skill very familiar to the sniper clips that helped build the FaZe Clan brand.

Nine of ten sniper shots connected with opponents, and during that span of ten shots he hit eight back to back headshots.

You can see more of these clips from Tfue on his Twitch page.

To see him compete in a competitive atmosphere don’t forget to tune into KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite Tournament.